Six Steps to Accessing a Home Care Package

An elder doesn’t demand electronics, outings, expensive dresses, worldly things, and other luxuries. Instead, they only require peace and happiness. To provide this, the Australian government has facilitated some home care services for all the elders, in their own home and comfort. This programme will suit the needs of an elder.

You might be having an elder at your home, who needs this kind of services. So, before you google My Aged Care in Central Coast’ or ‘My aged care in Newcastle’ learn about the steps that will make it easier for you. 

Step 1: Check your eligibility

To determine your eligibility, based on your condition and needs, you will have to get in touch with the Aged Care Assessment Team(ACAT). The ACAT offers hospital and local community services in entire Australia and checks whether the needs of an elder are low or high. It also determines whether you are eligible enough to receive Australian government-subsidised aged care services or not, through 

  • Assessing your home care 
  • Providing information about home care services near you
  • Help you with the care you need 
  • Help you in accessing residential respite care, if required. 

This process usually takes 45-75 minutes. Once your eligibility gets approved, the services will be provided. 

Step 2: Contact the aged care centre.

Get in touch with the Australian government’s contact centre for aged care service information and interact with them about the services they avail. 

The Aged care will ask you a set of questions, whose answers will determine how important it is to give you the care services you are looking for. Your responses will prioritise your ranking on the list. 

The executives, on the other end, expect honesty and transparency while questioning, to give you the right assessment. Your care needs might be complicated or ongoing, but do not keep it inside, and talk more about it.   

Step 3: Do your research

Your place in the queue is placed based on how important and urgent it is to take care, and the time you have waited for a package. The aged care central coast in NSW suggests that meanwhile your chance comes, do some research about the home care providers in your surroundings to check whether they can assist you with your needs or not. This can be accessed through ‘My aged care’ website or simply googling ‘Home care package providers online’. 

Be sure about your preferences before making a deal. Ask them about their services, fees, and duration. The fees of every company for aged care assistance NSW is divided into two parts. One is ‘Basic daily fee’ which is charged from the pension, and the other is  ‘Income tested fee’ which would be charged based on their income. The Department of human services determines the fee.

Step 4: Choose your approved provider.

Once you finalise a home care provider after a round of discussion with them, they will confirm whether they will be able to provide you with a suitable package. The provider will work with you to tailor a plan which will include:- 

  • The care and services 
  • Who will provide the services
  • Your involvement in managing and coordinating services. 
  • The delivery of your services and its receipt. 

Once you have a home care provider, you will agree with a home care provider, that sets out the price package of the home care. 

Step 5: Receive a confirmation letter

Once you are allotted the home care package, My Aged Care will send you a letter advising about your package assignment. The letter will contain a unique referral code and an expiry date. This expiry date will be 56 days after the first day of service, in which you will have to decide on the home care service provider. 

Step 6: Enter a Homecare agreement.

Once you decide your preferred provider, contact them, share the referral code, and they will assign you the package. Your chosen provider will meet with you to enter into a Homecare agreement. A Homecare agreement is a legal agreement with your service provider that says what your package will provide, how much the services will cost, and if there would be any exit fee. This will be signed before the services start. 

The providers will work with you, identify your goals, design a care plan, and help you reach the goals. These services will be favourable, budget-friendly and helpful in achieving the goals you have set for your health. So, do not wait, and contact AccuroHome and community care to get one for yourself. 

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