The Australian work culture: why is it so fabulous?

Australia has been one of the most sought after destinations for students to pursue higher education and for immigrants to explore their career opportunities. Whether it is the surging market that provides thousands of job opportunities or the work culture that is a platform for people to flourish in their professional lives as well as enjoy the amazing work life balance.

This is the reason so many people are opting for PR courses in Australia. The work culture in Australia is quite informal as compared to a lot of countries. This includes the kind of language you use, dress code and the overall work atmosphere. In this article, you will gain an insight into some factors which make Australia a great choice for immigrants from anywhere in the world!


Conversations at the workplace usually start with informal greetings, coffee and some chit chat. If you are new, you will be expected to give a brief yet insightful introduction about yourself, sharing a little about your personal life.

This is a great way to start a friendly relationship with your coworkers. Aussies usually do not indulge in any discussions related to politics or religion at a workplace. So keep that little tip in mind!

Language and gestures 

Aussies tend to joke a lot often paired with sarcasm. Be ready to get used to quite a few swear words while indulging in a friendly conversation. While in some countries it might be considered rude but Australia is known for its frank and open culture.

Australians always welcome people towards speaking their mind and are very open minded as well. If you like something or dislike something, you can be straight forward and say it to their face.


Although dressing differs depending on the kind of work environment you are in but usually Australians dress casually even at workplaces. However, there are some standard norms that you are expected to comply by.

For men it is usually full length trousers or pants and women should avoid anything too short or very sheer.

Working hours

Unlike many countries where work life balance does not exist, in Australia you can expect to work hard and also enjoy your personal life. As a full time employee, you can expect to work 38 hours per week. Majority of the people are happy with the number of hours they work.

When the work environment is so light and friendly, you actually look forward to meeting your colleagues and starting your work day!


Everyone, regardless of their caste or colour is treated equally at the workplace. You are judged solely upon the skills and knowledge that you have. The workplace managers ensure that everyone is treated fairly and in case an employee is having any kind of problem each problem is addressed properly and solutions are concluded.

Australia is an amazing country where you can live your life to its fullest and get adequate rewards for the hard work you put out in your work force. Whether you are pursuing mechanical engineering in Australia or you want to go into the IT sector, there are hundreds of opportunities for you to make your dreams come true.

For any guidance, preparation and for more knowledge on career and education in Australia, get in touch with Intech.

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