Things to Know Before You Bake Your Next Cookies Using Cookie Cutters

A cookie-cutter is a vital tool in every kitchen especially for those with kids. It is the easiest method of making cookies in creative shapes which are popular with children as well as grownups. They can be made from either metal or plastic, are thin, and sharp making it easy to cut the cookie dough to create the right shape. There are several types of shapes like the gingerbread man shape and many others.

This type of cutters can be used for many different applications like that for fancy shaped sandwiches as well as cakes. In Australia, cookie cutters are used for birthday parties, small events, get-togethers and some use customised cookies for their weddings. These, not only look cute as decor but grab attention of the guests in the event.

Tips on using cookie cutters effectively

The cookie cutter is one tool that is very easy to use, however; here are a few tips on how to use it efficiently:

  • It is best to prepare your dough into specific portions that would be fit for the cookie cutter.
  • Do not leave the dough exposed out in the open for too long since it will result in the cookies becoming hard.
  • It is best to roll the dough on a cutting board after sprinkling some flour or on a countertop.
  • Ensure the thickness of the dough is uniform once you cut it using the cookie cutter.
  • Using waxed paper over the dough while rolling is a good method of preventing it from sticking.
  • Do not attempt to jiggle or twist the cookie cutter while making an impression on the dough.
  • The best way to slide the cookie cutouts to the pan is to use a spatula beneath the cutout and slide them into the pan.
  • In the case where the dough is soft, it is a good idea to allow it to freeze for 10 minutes prior to cutting them.

Popular Cookie Cutter Shapes

Cookie cutters come in various shapes and sizes; listed here are some of the popular ones:

  • Animals like sheep, rabbits, dinosaurs, cats, butterflies, etc.
  • Anniversaries like champagne, mini heart, etc.
  • Australian Cookie cutter like Koala cookie-cutter, Australian map, kangaroo, palm tree, beach board shorts and many more.
  • Halloween ones like Bat style, Halloween skeleton face, Cauldron, pumpkin, etc.
  • Superhero: Batman, ironman, Superman cookie cutter, etc.
  • Easter cookie cutters: Mini heart cookie, carrot cookie cutter, rabbit bunny standing, mini crucifix, happy Easter emboss, etc.

Benefits of Using a Cookie Cutter

A cookie-cutter is one tool that every household should have since there are many advantages of investing in one as listed here:

  • Fancy shaped cookies are a hit with everyone during Christmas and several other occasions.
  • Parents preparing cookies for their children can do so with the help of fancy cookie cutters to make cookies in unique shapes and sizes. This would be both fun for the children and encourage them to eat it too.
  • Fancy shaped cookies like that in the shape of an animal, the Australian flag, Superman shaped Witches hat, Halloween Skeleton face, etc. Help make mealtime for fun and interactive for children.
  • Using cookie cutters of different shapes and sizes is a good way of getting children interested in cooking activities like baking cookies, as a cake cutter and sandwiches as well.
  • They cut highly complex designs thus resulting in cookies with good design and shape.
  • This is one of the cleanest methods of baking fancy-shaped cookies with the added benefit that they are also very easy to use.


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