What Are The Benefits Of Instant Hand Sanitiser?

Hand sanitisers and mask became a part of our life because we cannot move out from our home without these safety gear. We are going through a pandemic period and we know the deadly effects of COVID-19. Even, we need to be prepared that any time COVID-20 may knock our door and we have to be prepared for an emergency.

WHO (the World Health Organization) has already published several mandates for COVID-19, and washing hands is a mandatory action. If you want to keep your family safe, then you have to wash your hands with soap and water frequently. But, how would you access water in your office desk, probably you do not have a basin on your desk. You have an alternative, and you can use instant hand sanitisers in this regard. 

Soap and water can remove the dust and dirt from your hands, but they cannot kill all germs. You have to use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser to kill such microorganism. So, add  good quality instant hand sanitisers in your shopping list and keep your family safe from corona virus by using it. 

How would you use instant hand sanitisers? 

People do not follow the proper regulations to use hand sanitisers. You should not use such sanitisers with soap and water. These are known as waterless sanitiser gels, and you can use them to remove germs from your hands without water.

  • Make sure, you must clean organic matter like, dirt, oil and grease from your hands before you apply such instant hand sanitisers. Hand sanitisers can remove the germs, but they cannot clean your hands.
  • Now you can apply few drops of waterless hand sanitiser on your palm and rub your hands together. Rub your hands and cover your fingers with sanitisers and keep on rubbing your hands until the sanitiser is completely absorbed. 

Benefits of using instant hand sanitisers: 

Instant hand sanitisers can kill up to 99.9% germs. You must wash your hands before you prepare your foods, and you should use hand sanitisers safely. But make sure, you should not wash your utensils and cookware with hand sanitizers because alcohol-based sanitisers can contaminate your foods. Hand sanitiser is an alternative of soap and water.

If you cannot wash your hands then you can sanitise your hands with instant hand sanitisers. For example, you cannot wash your hands frequently in public place like, airport, shopping malls, and hospitals, but you need to keep your hands sanitised. In this case, you can carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser and use few drops of sanitisers time to time to clean your hands. 

  • Hand sanitisers are available in various sizes, and you can buy few small bottles for your personal hygiene. You can carry such bottles whenever you go outside, and you can wash your hands time to time. Now, instant hand sanitisers are available with sprayer and you can use them to save the sanitisers, three to four sprays are enough to kill the germs. 
  • Hand sanitisers are mainly designed for your hand sanitisation, but you can use them on surfaces to keep yourself safe from Corona Virus. For example, if you have a meeting scheduled in your office then you can spray such sanitisers on your table and chairs to sanitise you place. As you know that corona virus can spread via droplets and your co-workers can leave such droplets on your desk. So, using such sanitisers can keep you safe. 

Instant hand sanitisers not only keep you safe from COVID-19 virus infection, but they can also protect your health from other infections. You can apply few drops of hand sanitisers on your hands to keep yourself safe from unwanted contaminations. 

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