The Best Kitchen Knife Sets Available in Australia

It is not really a secret that getting your hands on the best kitchen knife sets available is a vital part in preparing that perfect meal. You are less likely to cut yourself while working with a sharp knife than a knife with a dull blade. Additionally, cooking can become a type of stress relief if you have knives that you enjoy using.

So what is this perfect knife set? Well, that depends on your cooking style and your preferences in the kitchen. Below are the top choices in kitchen knives sets. These are the knives the pros use. Take your pick. I’m sure any will exceed your expectations.

So what’s in a knife set?

Basically, the most important and useful kind of knife that you should have in your set is an 8-inch chef’s knife as it can handle nearly all of the cutting tasks you will require. This is a must so it should be at the top of your list when you start looking for the best kitchen knives set. The next to add to your set are paring knives for coring or peeling vegetables.

Experts agree that 2.5-4.5 inch paring knives would suffice. It would be practical though to use the 4.5 inch paring knife since they can help you in slicing cheese and fruits too. One more type of knife to add that will naturally complete your set is the serrated bread knife which can come in handy when you are slicing soft ingredients like tomatoes.

These three knives are the bare minimum that you need when searching for kitchen knife sets. There are several brands you should consider including the JA Henckels Pro S set, the Wustof Classic Set, Global G-2 set, Shun Classic set, and Victorinox R.H. Forschner set. Below we will look at each set in detail and you can determine which set is right for you.

JA Henckels Knife Set (Pro S)

JA Henckels is among the oldest knife manufactures in the world with centuries of experience in making knives. Their Pro S set is a series of knife sets that are available in 3 to 17 pieces and normally comes with a block for storing. Both professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts rate the trustworthiness of these knives set as outstounding.

This set will include various knives that serve all sorts of purposes such as parer, bread, peeling, sandwich, utility, carving, steak, chef’s, Granton edge slicer, santoku, and others.

JA Henckels knives distinctive three rivet handle design is ergonomically designed to be easy to handle and to provide the user firm control. The blades are made using a high-tech welding process that combines three high-carbon, stainless-steel pieces of material. This knife will give you the ease and precision that only a high quality knife can provide.

Wusthof Knife Sets (Classic)

Another German manufactured knife, this brand is also a leading name in the industry and is favoured by many expert chefs as well as those who are starting out in their careers in cooking. These classic sets will generally include a chef’s knife, sandwich knife, serrated bread knife, utility knife, and a paring knife among others. Kitchen shears, a sharpening steel and a block may also come with the set.

What makes the Wusthof Classic knives set among the best kitchen knives sets is the fact that their blades are formed with the perfect balance of high-carbon steel and a stain-resistant alloy that gives the knife remarkable sharpness as well as excellent durability. In addition, most users consider this set a true value for money if you are looking for good quality knives with a reasonable price tag.

Global Knives Set (G-2)

Global knives are a Japanese manufactured brand which happens to be among the most in demand brand among serious and professional chefs. What makes these knives distinct is that they are made from one-piece of molybdenum and vanadium stainless-steel which give the knives a very modern look.

The knives also feature black dimpled handles that provides for a firm grip and control when used. However its appearance is not the only thing that makes the Global chef knife distinct. In terms of performance, these knives set can be used for many tasks with razor sharpness that results in excellent cut, sliced, diced, or peeled ingredients.

Shun Knives Set (Classic)

When you need a very efficient set of knives that you could truly use in the kitchen on a daily basis, the Shun Classic knife set will be your choice. These Asian knives are made from VG-10 stainless steel which is harder, less brittle, and flexible compared to others.

They are also covered with high-carbon stainless steel that gives them their impressive looks. However aside from the looks, these knives work incredibly well. Reviewers claim that they don’t crush delicate foods and food will not stick to the blade. They have D-shaped handles that provides a firm grip and control for the user.

Victorinox Knife Set (R.H. Forschner)

One thing that the Victorinox R.H. Forschner knives are known for is their affordability. However, do not be quickly taken by the assumption that they are inferior in terms of quality because of their small price tag. They can certainly hold their own in terms of performance. They have lightweight and very sharp blades that are made from stamped high-carbon stainless steel.

“Stamped” blades are considered less durable than the forged blades of the other knives. However, if you are an occasional cook, then this set will be just what you need. Their non-slip handles are great in providing you with a firm, comfortable grip. Victorinox kitchen knives are truly an inexpensive brand and our top budget kitchen knives set.

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