5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Nobody feels great all the time. So, we all know how it’s like to feel like crap sometimes. Let me teach you some hacks on how to revert your emotions… What you’ll read next are 5 very easy ways to boost your confidence!

Let’s imagine… You’ve just received some bad news, and…

The only thing you can think off is food and ice cream. In all of a sudden, all the things in life that were once positive are not any longer. You’re not excited anymore about cooking a healthy dinner tonight. The gym is the last place you want to spend time after a long day at work. And you can’t see, smell, hear or feel any human being right now!

We all know how it feels, right? ?

The thing is… shit happens all the freaking time and always at an unpredictable moment. Not you, not me, nobody can escape it!

On the flip side, the amazing news is that you can actually learn to become more resilient to those annoying moments in your life. If you’d like to know more, read my post on Emotional Resilience. This post covers a step plan you can follow to higher your chances of preventing yourself from getting low. This post is about mastering those setbacks before they even occur!

But what you are about to read next, are 5 easy ways to boost your confidence when you’re already feeling low. Because, we’re all human and we all come that point, right?! =D

Come on! Let’s do this!

Clothing swap within your own closet!

Most of us are in the habit of making the same matches every single time. This jeans with that shirt with that pair of sneakers. Am I right? Or am I right?

A way to give yourself a free make-over is by diving very deeeep into that closet! Get every bloody item in there out and throw everything onto your bed. This could be the perfect moment to clean out your closet as well ?

Now, you can make new matches. Try out crazy things. You’ll be surprised off how many combinations you could actually make from what you’ve got.

In a few moments you can create new ways to show off! And the great thing is that it costs you nothing! Aaand… you can continue to wear the same clothes that you already feel comfortable in.

I think it’s about time to start cleaning out that closet! ?


Talking of cleaning… My second of 5 easy ways to boost your confidence is something you might hate… I admit, because so did I for the biggest part of my life.

Anytime my mom would ask me to clean something, I felt dreaded. If there are a few things that I do not like to do on command, they are cooking and cleaning. I can actually enjoy both of them, but not when it’s expected off me.

Though, over the years I’ve learned that there is a deeper meaning to doing household chores. There is something therapeutical about cleaning. Whatever it is that you’re cleaning… The stove, the bathroom, your desk, maybe your room or the garden

What you’re basically doing to the space you’re cleaning, is getting rid of all the shit that does not belong there.

And while you are reordering your house, cabins, or room it could actually help you to do the same thing to your mind.

That is how cleaning can create a feeling of relief. And feeling relieved allows you to feel better about yourself.

And not only that… The big bonus comes afterwards. When you can sit down and watch what you’ve achieved… An organised desk, a mowed garden or a shining stove. Sit back and be proud of what yourself!

Such an easy way to boost your confidence!

If you’d like to get some inspiration cheque out this link. It will give you an amazing list of 80 different blogs on cleaning and other tips to keep your house tidy!

Give a compliment to boost your confidence

Sounds counter intuitive, right? You need a compliment and I am telling you to give one!

Well, let me tell you this… It is not about getting or giving a compliment. It’s all about how you’d feel if you would get or give one.

Look at it like this: When you’re getting a compliment, it can give you a little boost to your confidence, right? But for how long?

But when you give a compliment, what happens then?

You’ll catch up that positive vibe from the person you’ve just complimented and naturally feel good about it.

That’s how giving a compliment can create a pleasant feeling that lasts a lot longer and satisfies a loooot better than if you’d get one.

And I know you might not be in the mood to be giving compliments to people when you’re feeling low. Just remind yourself to be authentic when you’re doing it. Being sincere about what you do and say will always yield the best results! The positivity you share will be given back to you instantly… tenfold!


You can boost your confidence by getting a compliment, from a new haircut or from a full-face-make-up look… But, I am not so sure if that feeling is going to last very long.

‘Cause then what? Reminiscing on how great you’ve felt that one day?

I think you can value yourself from within. You can create that feeling and make it last!


Well, how many times do I mention dancing on this blog? I love it! I mean… no need to be a professional dancer or a stripper! Just put those earpods in, pick a song… and choose a wall.

Hahha yess, you’ve heard me well!

Rub your back against a wall and feel the vibes. You vibing with the music… is one best experiences you can give yourself. Just be there. Allow yourself to be present.

Dare to dance ? You’ll thank yourself later!

Build your confidence through learning

Read about how trees breath. Or, do some research on how herbs and spices can heal small ailments. Listen to an online lecture on the history of a country on the other side of the globe. Or, pick up that book that has been collecting dust from the day you brought it home. (Don’t worry about it, we all do it)

Sometimes, shifting your mind to something that has nothing to do with what you’re struggling with can be most helpful when you’re trying to give yourself a boost in that moment. Other days, you want to read about your problem. What could also help, is reading about boosting your confidence as it can help you, indirectly, to deal with the issue.

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