Breaking Bad Habits for a Better Lifestyle

We all have them. And it’s about time we learn how to break them. I’m talking breaking bad habits.

They consistently derail programs, good intentions and goals. A lot of feel good YouTube videos and motivational photos are placed on social media everyday by fitness models and personal trainers that simply don’t get it.

It does not matter how much shit you put up on social media about getting the #gainz and your squat booty or bikini body. You are not helping anyone, even to the point of providing meal and training plans that will shred fat and add 50kg to your deadlift in the same program. You are still NOT helping anyone.

Where do we as trainers and fitness professionals need to start?


Some call it “the warrior mindset” some call it “being a boss….” it’s really called, take charge of your life and sort your shit out. Try and market that one.

After last months post about goal setting, I realised that I had also missed a very important factor for anyone looking to shift their mindset on breaking bad habits and to then go forth and achieve something. Having the ability to break bad habits will empower someone to the point of them no longer requiring assistance from shitty instagram fitness models for motivation and poor nutrition advice. So let’s get to it, here are 3 essential factors to breaking bad habits and developing a rock solid mindset:

Shift your circle of influence – We are the average of the five people that we hang around with most. I’m sorry, however if you are failing to achieve your goals you could most likely link it to your company. If you have ever been around truly successful and inspiring people you know that they make you demand more from yourself.

If you have a negative spouse or family, it’s hard to just ignore them however find other people to reach out to for advice and help when things get tough. Shift your circle, shift your mindset. The right crowd should lift you up, not drag you down.

Find a greater cause – Stuck in a rut? Not motivated to change yourself? You obviously haven’t had enough pain to cause the change. I was talking to a client recently that hadn’t stuck to their program and is worried about missing their goal race time. I asked them “Why does this time mean so much?”, they answered with “It’s the time I want to tell the people that I coach that I have achieved”.

It was like they chose the goal in need for the approval of others. This is not the way to structure your life or fitness journey. Basing what you choose on the opinion of what others will think is a sure way to end up unhappy and unsuccessful. I know, because I have done it. Refer to point number one, shift your circle. The right people should inspire you to do what YOU want to do.

Dominate the space – When you have beaten a bad habit or addiction for that matter you have dominated your space. It gives you a feeling of achievement and when ever weaker moments start to slip in you can use that feeling of being in control to steer yourself along the path. It is all about developing an arrogance and confidence inside yourself that makes you resolute in the face of anything.

I am considered by some people to be arrogant, a know-it-all or “bossy”. Do I make people uncomfortable when they are in my presence? Yep, you bet your bottom dollar I do. However I only make people that are insecure about themselves use these words about me, people that are in control of their lives don’t even bat an eyelid.

Don’t judge people purely because they make you uncomfortable or seem arrogant, there’s probably a reason for it and you should find out. it’s generally deep insecurities inside of yourself, look inwards before judging outwards.

Read more about that here.

These three points, I have had to learn to develop first hand to beat many things in my life such as binge drinking. Yep, you may be surprised however I have had a problem from a young age with binge drinking.

Brought up by a father that drank, he was never aggressive to me however he could get written off and following that joining the Army where the attitude is drink, fall over and let your mates carry you home. There is a point in everyone’s life where they simply make the choice to shift their circle of influence, find a greater cause and dominate their space. Life only gets better when you do.

Let me get this straight, your friends are not their to help you. They will come and go and most will leave as you develop these traits because you will elevate yourself to another stage in life.

“You’ve Changed.” Is what you will hear.

Some will stay forever and come with you along your journey. You are the only one that can take control of your life, not me, not anyone. You can be shown the path however it is you that ultimately walks down it, and sometimes you need to make your own.

Rise above the rest, because being average is a sure way to fail. Get to breaking bad habits this week.

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