The Principles of Building Acoustics Explained

From the workplace to domestic place and industrial space, the noise in the building often needs to be controlled diligently- and that’s where acoustic comes in. Acoustic equipment and consultant is the master in the art of controlling noise and minimising the transmission of noise wherever necessary.

If the noise is not controlled or is beyond the expected sound, it may have several effects on the mental and physical health of individuals. The sound disturbance and disruption can cause mental stress. Hence, a satisfactory workplace or domestic space is very much essential.

Here are some principles for building acoustics:

It’s all in the design

To guard against unwanted or unbalanced noise levels, sound planning at the design stage is crucial. Acoustic test equipment can help determine the sound of the space; be it for commercial or residential. However, a building should be designed, keeping the noise transmission level in mind, depending on the specific usage of the room.

Failure to plan ahead in this regard can cost a lot of money later. If measures need to be taken to remedy a space after it has become occupied, there can be a heavy price to pay, not to mention the potential inconvenience.

Insulate and Absorb

Because building acoustics needs to factor in both internal and external sound transmission, sound insulation, as well as absorption, needs to be taken into consideration. Sound insulation is concerned with reducing the sound which passes between two spaces which are divided by a physical presence. Sound insulation design needs to consider two forms of sound energy- that which passes through a divider and that which passes through the surrounding structure.

For sound absorption, that refers to the loss of sound energy which occurs on interaction with a surface. Surfaces which are sound absorbent are capable of creating the right acoustic environment when placed correctly. The type and quality of material used are critical to how much acoustic efficiency an absorbent surface provides.

Reverberant Energy

Another worth noting principle of building acoustic is reverberant energy. It is an extent to which sound can be heard after an initial sound has been made. In an enclosed space, echoes can occur, before the noise is absorbed by sounding features, as well as the air.

The length of the period from the original sound being made, to echoing, decaying and then dying away is known as the reverberation time.

Construction Consideration 

This can surely help design a building with the best acoustic performance. There are plenty of best practices to keep in mind when considering the acoustics performance within the building. Let’s say for example: if attempting to bolster sound insulation using a high performing element such as a partition, perhaps the worst thing one could do is to partition a low performing element within it.

If there is a significant difference between the sound insulation of two elements, the overall sound insulation performance of space will be affected to a greater degree.

Go for Noise Calibration

Going for calibration services in Perth is very much useful. There is equipment available for noise and sound calibration that measure noise and sound within any space.

The measurements can be used to motor the levels of sound within a wide range. At Acu-Vib Electronics, you can find the best calibrations and vibration testing equipment.


Most of the time, we can’t feel or see, but the acoustics in buildings can have a major impact on the health of individuals. Building acoustics is not something to overlook, as it can have a direct impact on life. For this reason, it is always best to seek professional advice and use proven equipment when undertaking building construction.

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