How to Choose and Register the Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

Choosing and then register the perfect domain name for your business website is a task that requires a lot of brainstorming. Domain name is the name which your website will be known and will be encoded in the internet explorer to be accessed by internet users. In other words, it will be the name, label or identity of your company or business online. An example of a domain is which is the domain name of this website.

A domain name is the name in which internet users will type in the address bar of a browser, in order to be accessed by millions of internet users and potential visitors of your website. This means that before you name and give birth to your business or company online, you must first take a nerve-taking task to find that perfect name for your website. The following are the list of some tips that I believe will help you in finding that perfect domain name for your business website.

Short, captivating and memorable

A great domain name should be easy to encode, easy to spell, memorable and will have a great mark in the minds of people. This means that the shorter your domain is the easier it is to type in the URL field of an internet explorer. And the more it is meaningful the more it becomes memorable and remarkable in the thoughts of people. A one word domain is best, but all one word domains in the dot com, dot net and dot org were already taken. A two short word – domain name is still a great and a short online name for your company’s website.

Make it relative and comprehensible

A domain name to be loved by users should be understandable and sensible. Although it is nice to have a captivating domain names like, it is important that your name will be understand easily and bring what it purports to be. If your business is pharmacy, then you must choose a domain name that is directly related to pharmacy, drugs and or medicine. This is effective since you are about to drive potential visitors to your website.

These visitors will be coming from major search engines like Yahoo and Google who are typing search keywords about pharmacy, drugs or medicine. Since your domain is a keyword about pharmacy, you will be having a great chance to be placed in the top and first page of major search engines. It is also acceptable to register the perfect domain name, if your domain name is the name of your company although it is not completely related to the products or services you offer to your customers. An example of this is But of course this is only effective if your company has already established great popularity like the Ford Motor Company. If not, then be patient to established that popularity and name over a period of time, perhaps a couple of years.

register the perfect Domain name
Dynadot is a good place to register the perfect Domain name

Register with the right registrar

Now if you have already chosen the perfect available domain name for your website, your next step is to register it immediately. In finding the right registrar, be sure that it is an ICANN accredited company. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for managing the assignment of domain names and IP addresses. ICANN accredited domain registrars provide more reliable services than those registrars that are not ICANN accredited.

Hence, you should exert an effort to investigate whether your chosen registrar company is ICANN accredited to make sure that there will be no risk or trouble that will happen to your precious domain name in the future. Most of my domain names are registered in Dynadot. I love their services so far and have not encountered any problems.

Choose the right extension

There are many domain extensions existing today, namely .com, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .pro, .mobi, and country level domain extensions like .us, .asia, .de and .ph. The three top level domain (TLD) names are .com, .net, and .org. The dot com, being the most valuable and famous domain extension, is the best choice among the domain extensions available. You may also consider choosing country level domain extensions like .us if you are an American citizen or your company is registered in the US.

Expand the name

If you have already chosen and register the perfect domain name, with your chosen registrar, and with your chosen domain extension, then there you have it, a great domain name for your website. If you’ve captured the top extension .com, then it is great. However, if the .net or .org are still available, it is advisable if practicable, to register also the second and the third most valuable domain name extensions. This is to expand your name not only to .com but also to .net and .org.

One important reason for doing this is to prevent possible competitors or private individuals who may use your name in other extensions (dot net and dot org) to compete, contradict or blemish your business or company.

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