What to Look for When Choosing Caravan Awnings

Do you need help in choosing an awning, or do you find yourself asking why would you want to buy an awning and attach it permanently onto the side of your vehicle? Then this article will be of value to you.

Many caravan awnings and similar are designed to fit permanently on the side of a van or roof-rack SUV. Basically any vehicle where you’ve got a nice strong sturdy structure on top. if it’s a weak flimsy can just clip it onto the load bars doesn’t work terribly well because it’s weighted and why it requires quite a strong mounting on the vehicle itself

You might think that something like this is wonderful and yes in a way it is then in a way it isn’t as can be seen by this particular product its beauty lies in the fact that it is so easy to erect in a windy environment I highly recommend you pick the one or at least one of the poles down this particular product there’s only one pole but there are three straps so it’s taken me how long to erect it less than half a minute okay so it’s its strength is how quickly it can be erected but now let’s have a look at the Sun the sun’s doing is that what makes this a good stroke not so good morning so if I think about the Sun what it’s going to be doing it’s moving like that so within well not a very long time I’m going to have little shade around the vehicle apart from that corner over there so even at the moment now with the Sun moving there I’m never going to have a lot of shade on this side of the vehicle so ideally I should have moved the vehicle before erecting the awning

That’s the problem with this kind of awning if it was a inexpensive where I take so long not longer to erect but I might have just a tough haul and that I clip on a couple of poles with some guy ropes I can lower the guy ropes and drop it down all the way around here couldn’t I if I was in a campsite where I was actually staying put and not moving anywhere for days this is the wrong type of awning to put on your vehicle because you have to to keep good shade around the camp move the vehicle twice a day that’s not ideal for many people for me this kind of awning is great because I’d let generally don’t spend a lot of time in one camping site at a time so I’m not unhappy about moving the vehicle around to me what’s more important is that if I pull up at the side of the road and I want to have a coffee and a sandwich and I need some quick shade

I’ve got quick shade because I can just look at the sun turn the vehicle and i’ve got shade within 30 seconds putting it away is almost as quick if I’m now going to park on this beach for a week I don’t think this is going to fulfil my shade requirements you can buy the drop down pieces yes you can and you can adapt this awning for that but spend the money or a piece of equipment that doesn’t quite suit the application I probably wouldn’t have this kind of warning there was the kind person that likes to set up a camp a sticker and frolic.

It’s a very nice product and I’m keeping it on my vehicle and I do not consider it to be a weak product whether I consider that or not a weakness in the design is not really that important will it withstand a good strong wind answer is yes and in the previous video I probably got my wind speed measurement wrong the point I’m making now is that if you are considering the Lu Cab awning so my videos that all know it’s weak it’s not weak it’s no weaker than any other awning on the planet.

A good strong well-made product and that’s the practicalities of it quick fast and easy and a good 270 degree shade another thing about strength and damage to earnings and owning is at its most vulnerable when it’s being packed away because then everything is loose now wind can grab it in and bend it because there’s right now this is stretched tight it’s being pulled flat so the wind has to do a lot more work to actually why 270 degree shade.

How can I put this in simple words? If you are thinking about just a shade that comes out of the side of the vehicle, or talking about moving it around with something out of the side of the vehicle you don’t move it two times a day you move it four times a day okay yes they are quick and easy not quite as quick as easy as these most of them get yourself a 270 the difference is not just a little bit oh we’ve got a bit of extra shade no it’s much more than that a 270 degree awning is like double an ordinary straight out awning. It’s worth the extra money really it’s worth the extra money.

About that extra weight. So, how much weight have you already got on your roof rack, including  the weight of the roof rack itself etc? Will your vehicle become unstable and safe that’s first thing secondly do you want to seventy we’ve mentioned that before I think absolutely if you can go to 270 do you want the quick erect type awning where you have no I mean the poles the fact that there are no poles or few poles down is really nice is it a deal breaker no it isn’t a deal breaker for example there’s a easy on product that has poles that you should put down but I’d have to put down it’s not as strongly built as this it is considerably lighter and a very nice product.

I think it’s called a batwing battering 270 have a look at it it’s very very nice but again you can’t tilt the arms down so you can’t adjust shade apart from it’s either open or it’s not so you have to move the vehicle all of the that the the 270 degree pole lists awnings suffer the same consequence so you have to decide do I want poles do I want to be able to adjust my shade that’s the big question if you don’t have a lot to spend I don’t think of owning fixed awning as a deal breaker because it’s very easy to take a couple of tent poles a couple of guy robes and a large tap with some eyelets made in it.

As long as you put clips on your roof rack so it’s very easy to clip clip and it becomes a fairly rudimentary process that anybody in the family can do to set up a quick shade I wouldn’t have a big heavy thing on the side of my Trek if if really I don’t think it’s a but as I say if you want a quick meal side of the road and you need some shade this kind of awning is the answer and this is a good one.

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