Construction Safety: Importance of Roof Safety Handrails

The safety and security of workers are paramount. The construction sites are prone to accidents and mishaps in case of lack of safety equipment. Hence it has been made mandatory to install the necessary safety equipment at the construction place.   

Numerous guidelines and rules govern the fact that every business owner must employ the optimum safety mechanism. There are rules specifically for every piece of equipment concerning weight and anchorage point.  There are different types of roof safety system like:

  • Roof guardrails
  • Ladder fall arrest
  • Roof anchors
  • Roof hatch system
  • Roof skylight guards
  • Roof horizontal lifeline
  • Roof warning line system

One of the crucial components is roof safety handrails, and we are going to highlight the details about the same ahead in the blog. 

Use Of Roof Handrails

Roof safety handrails are used at the construction sites where the laborers must work at massive heights. Roof handrails are a part of personal protective equipment that ensures the safety of people working at heights. 

Roof handrails are installed at the edge of the roof to not fall from the workplace’s edge.

The roof safety handrails are usually made using stainless steel, a very durable and strong material. Also, several other hard materials are used to make handrails as per the construction companies’ special needs. There is no doubt that roof safety handrails are also crucial in industrial areas or factories, where they are permanently installed in the facility. 

Major Types

You can find different types of handrails, and two major types are:


Several industrial guidelines make it mandatory to install roof safety handrails at their facility if they involve workers working at a certain height level. Thus, many industrial units install permanent handrails at their floor shop. Noncompliance with this guideline attracts heavy fines and penalties. 


Temporary roof handrails are installed mainly at construction sites where the work will be carried out for only a small period. These handrails can be installed and detached as per the needs of the site. 

Before starting any industrial unit or construction job, one must stick to the safety guidelines to ensure the workers’ complete safety. Sometimes, the authorities even go to the extent of canceling your permissions as an exemplary punishment, so it is always better to comply with your area’s rules. 

The General Standard Of Roof Safety Handrails 

  • The accepted practice is that the top rail is 42″ inch tall from the walking surface. However, you can increase the top rail height as per the risks posed at your site. 
  • The middle rail should be halfway between the top rail and the walking surface. The middle rail is always as per the height of the top rail. 
  • The handrail should be able to resist 200 lb. force in a downward or outward direction. In using heavy machinery at the site, the handrail’s force resistance should be high. 


Businesses and agencies must take care of their workers’ safety.  Several prominent NGOs and lawsuits in the world have created a new CSR role for the construction agencies. These lawsuits and NGOs have made it mandatory to keep a safe working environment for the workers at construction sites and industrial units. 

It then becomes important from the perspective of goodwill. Also, it becomes the business owners’ duty to employ the best safety mechanisms as per the standard of the industry. 

Companies must adhere to these protocols and ensure that they are safe at the construction site. While installing the roof safety handrails, one has to invest in the best quality handrails. 

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