Before You Contest a Will, Consult Will Dispute Lawyers in Melbourne

With the demise of your family member, the process can get overwhelming. On one side, you are in grief and on the other, you are in the process of being contested by the deceased and the lawyer confirming and consulting you in the process.

There are times when the closest family member after the demise doesn’t include your name or cuts you off simply put, does not taken into account. This scenario is very common in and is the most common inquiry received to the lawyers. Will disputes can be complicated if the decision is not taken on a timely basis.

One of the most important steps that should be taken during this time is to hire a will dispute lawyer. Will dispute lawyers in Melbourne are a great investment when it comes to court disputes related to wills.

If you are going through inheritance issues, here is something that you should know:

1) The process can be expensive

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One should know that litigation costs a lot. Oftentimes, lawyers are asked by clients whether they can take up the case on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee basis simply means that a lawyer may work for the case with a particular percentage of the settlement. When lawyers work for a contingency fee basis, they will get paid only if their client recovers damages.

Hence, most of the lawyers will not take the will contest based on contingency fees as there might be a risk of not getting paid. If lawyers agree to contest on a contingency fee, make sure to do their background check including qualification, experience, and reputation. Ask around for referrals from friends or any professional advisors regarding hiring a will dispute lawyer.

2) The process is exhausting and is complicated

“Will you be able to sustain and keep up?” One of the most common questions asked by a will dispute lawyer to any client who is considering a will contest. Attending a court trial can be quite stressful. The ride will surely be rough.

There will be a lot of accusations, lies, and misinterpretations. Sometimes you will face even a counter lawsuit, put your character in questions and even have to testify in court.

3) It requires you to take prompt decisions

After hiring a will dispute lawyer, they will be working with you to develop a strategy for the case. Depending on what the condition of the case is, you may be advised to file a lawsuit immediately or your lawyer may suggest sending a request for an information letter to the opposite party’s lawyer.

Depending upon the received information, you may decide further whether or not to file a lawsuit. Limited time is given to contest the will and if no prompt decision is taken, then you are barred from bringing an action. 

4) The process is an emotional roller-coaster

Many lawyers must have encountered their clients yelling “I will see you in court”. While you may get closure from the legal process, litigation does not heal your emotional scar. This experience will probably be the reason why you cut off ties with your family.

But the court of law does not address any emotional issues. Instead, it is advisable to embrace your emotions and try to position yourself better by negotiating the settlement. Always keep emotions out of such cases.

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