A Guide to the Different Types of Balustrades Available Online

We spend a lot in enhancing the aesthetics of our house. One of the key architectural features that you would spot in any house is a balustrade. It is a type of fence which is often mounted to give a finishing touch to stair and balconies. Balustrades and handrails are not same.

Balustrades are the combination of handrails, spindles, base rails and newels. You can install a complete set of balustrade on your staircase. But, handrail is a part of balustrade and you can install such handrails in your balcony.

Safety rules for Balustrade:

If you are planning to install balustrade in Australia, then you need to know about the laws governing the same. The Balustrade law differs based on the height of the deck or balcony. A balustrade should be at least a meter high.

In case of decks which are more than 3 meters above the ground, opening in between balustrade pillar cannot be more than 125mm. In case the deck is more than 4-meter-high, then balustrade cannot have climbable elements located between 150 and 750mm from the ground level.

Different materials for Balustrade:

If you are planning to have balustrade in your premises, then you must know about the information about balustrade installation. Once you know about the legal implications, your next move should be to choose the right material for the balustrade.

Here we are going to discuss a few of them:


If you are looking for a modern look and contemporary appeal, then glass balustrade is a good choice. Also, it gives the unobstructed view. These are made from toughened glass, and make it difficult for the kids to climb, thus making it a safe choice.

You can find three types of glass panels, such as semi-framed, fully framed, and frameless. You can also choose different types of glasses such as etched, frosted, clear, and tinted glass. You can install such glass balustrades with wooden frame or steel frame. But, glass balustrade designed with stainless steel frame can make your home more appealing and the sleek design of such balustrades can add a contemporary look in your house.

Wrought iron

Another common material used for balustrade is wrought iron. These not only provide aesthetically appeal to your balcony or deck, but you can install such balustrade in your outdoor. Besides, you can get them in different colours. If you are looking for a less-maintenance balustrade which is also very durable and long-lasting, then look for the wrought-iron balustrade.


This remains a popular choice amongst those who are looking for a more traditional and country style appeal. Although wooden balustrade looks beautiful and sleek, when it comes to durability and longevity, then wood is not the right choice. However, staining and proper treatment ensure that the wood balustrade doesn’t get affected.


If you are looking for a cost-effective option of the balustrade, then aluminium is a good choice. These are highly durable. Moreover, aluminium is rust-resistant and requires less maintenance. You can install them indoors and outdoors. Aluminium balustrades are power coated and rust resistant.

Stainless steel

This is yet again a popular choice when it comes to durability. You can install stainless steel balustrade both indoors and outdoors. In fact, these are also a popular choice for poolside. Stainless steel is expensive than aluminium.

These were some of the popular options of the balustrade. Based on the theme of your house and the kind of appeal you wish to create; you can choose the right balustrade. Make sure, you must install the balustrade with all safety measurements and you must hire an expert in this regard.

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