Everything To Know About Different Types Of Chillers

A chiller unit is a refrigerant system that aids better cooling for residential and commercial spaces, industrial operations, machines, and industrial chemicals. These chiller units are energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and time-efficient. Achieving production objectives cannot be possible if such systems are not used. Industrial chillers are one of the factors of keeping large commercial buildings comfortable during the summer days.

Since they generally work in conjunction with a cooling tower, it reduces the overall temperature of the whole cooling system. If you are searching for different types of chillers or want to learn about air-cooled chiller systems, then this guide is for you!

Without further ado, here is everything to know about different types of chillers.

Types of Chillers

Two types of chillers can cool things, which are:

1) Air Chillers

Air chillers are used as a single piece unit or can be split into several configurations. Generally, air chillers do vary in size. Therefore, you can find a small capacity unit to a 100+ton model that can be used to cool commercial buildings. Air chillers use ambient air as a condensing source which can reject heat from the refrigerant in the condenser.

Additionally, it also has a fan attached that directs the air over the coil and speeds up the cooling process. Such cooling units are only suitable for applications that are not bothered by the ejected heat. This is why they tend to produce a substantial amount of warmth in the space.


● There are fewer space restrictions as air cooling units are also available as a portable solution.

● They are available for both small-scale and commercial-scale spaces which of course depends on the sizing and chiller capacity.

● Compared to a water-cooled system, the installation cost of an air cooling unit is much cheaper along with the maintenance.

● The heat ejected from the air cooling unit can also be used to warm the whole premises during winters, which provides you with additional cost and power savings.

● The heat ejected from the chiller can be used to warm the facility during cold periods, providing additional cost and power savings.


● Air cooling units can produce a high level of noise.

● The life expectancy is less than that of a water cooling chiller.

2) Water Chillers

Water chillers are mechanical refrigeration systems that remove heat by pumping water through a sealed condenser and later dispersing it through the cooling tower. They are used to dehumidify air and cool fluids in several industrial and commercial facilities.

Water cooling systems are much more effective and efficient than air-cooled chillers. Thanks to the water’s high heat capacity, it uses less energy as compared to blowing air on a hot surface. Water chillers have much many application uses that can cool the entire available space. A water chiller usually tends to last longer than an air cooling unit.


● Water chillers are more efficient and effective than an air cooling unit.

● Unlike air chillers, they have a noiseless operation.

● A water chiller is suitable for both small-scale and commercial-scale spaces.


● A water chiller is not cost-effective as installation can be expensive along with the maintenance.

● Water chillers require a constant supply of water for cooling the premises. Hence, they are not suitable for a location that has water shortages or any restrictions.

● To avoid the formation of mineral deposits in the system, water chillers require a timely condenser water treatment which can be complicated and burdensome.

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