Different Types Of Jackets That Every Man Who Loves Fashion Should Own

There are many different reasons why one might be interested in fashion. While some might have developed an interest in the latest trends while watching their idols over television, the rest tend to love the colour palettes, the materials and the fast-paced lifestyle of the fashion industry. However, the love for dressing well doesn’t arrive from a simple purchase of bomber jackets in Australia.

If you want to look good, it only makes sense to do so flawlessly. To help you begin your journey towards the fast fashion industry, we’ve built a list of jackets that you absolutely must own if you want to look your best all year long:

Bomber jackets

Needless to say, a man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a bomber jacket resting in the hangers. Before these jackets became a fashion statement, they were the uniform of the US Air Force.

Now, bomber jackets are available in different materials and designs, allowing them to be a marvellous fit for numerous casual ensembles.

Leather jackets

While casual outfits are the most important part of your wardrobe, it’s important to have certain fits that work for certain occasions. Leather jackets gained their popularity from biker groups, who tend to wear it as the representation of an entire clan.

Not only do these jackets allow you to embrace the rebel in you, but they also act as the perfect fit for underground concerts, winter season and much more.

Varsity jackets

Remember those days when varsity jackets were exclusively for the sports team? For the team players that competed in national competitions as representatives of their school? Good times.

Even though the varsity jacket has now grown to be more of a fashion statement, it allows you to look back to the good ol’ days and remember a simpler time. The letterman jacket is perfect for casual outings when you’re missing your youth a little more than usual.

At Custom Varsity Apparel, you can take your love for the letterman jackets in Australia to the next level! They allow you to build custom designs for both you and your friends, allowing you to look back at easier times, together.

Trench coat

Even though we’re tempted to say that you absolutely must own a trench coat to feel a little bit like Sherlock – we’ll try to avoid it. Nonetheless, the trench coat has been in fashion for more than a century now.

Acting as the ideal overcoat for all seasons, the trench coat allows you to feel casually sophisticated, making it one of the most flexible items in your wardrobe. Going for a meeting? Or attending an event? You can wear a trench coat to both!


Hoodies are an important part of every wardrobe. No matter how old or young you are, a hoodie is an integral part of the clothes you wear.

Hoodies tend to come in several different forms as well, which allows you to find a fit for every occasion. For example, if you want a comfortable hoodie for your home, you can opt for the general options available in the material of cotton.

However, if you want to invest in a hoodie that you can wear out to semi-formal occasions as well, you can opt for a hooded jacket. Hooded jackets are a more practical design to the hoodies that are otherwise much loved. Available in denim, cotton, satin and several other materials, you can wear the hooded jacket you prefer, to multiple events!

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