How Electric Scooters Can Make Commutes More Fun and Safe Amid COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, travel, and live. As most countries plan out how to safely transition to the new normal, one of the biggest concerns is the daily commute. After all, in the pre-pandemic setting, commuting in public transportation means that commuters will be in close proximity. In today’s setting, that is not an option.

To prevent the virus from spreading through public transportation, many countries globally have implemented safety protocols when commuting, such as constant disinfecting and limiting passengers per transport. However, one of the ongoing initiatives to provide commuters with a safer alternative is using electric scooters.

Electric scooters are lightweight, compact, and foldable two-wheeled transport alternatives that have risen to popularity in recent years. E-scooters have had many controversies due to their safety and actual environmental impact. However, these micro-mobility devices are proving to be a benefit, especially in the midst of the pandemic. In fact, some small businesses are also using e-scooters as part of their small business strategy.

E-scooters claim to have many benefits, but how can they make commuting better, easier, and safer amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

Electric scooters transport individuals

One of the main benefits of using e-scooters during the pandemic is the fact that it transports one individual at a time. Thanks to its slim and compact size, riders can distance themselves from oncoming pedestrians and other riders, reducing the risk of transmitting the virus.

Since electric scooters in Australia can also ride on bike lanes or paths, they can also avoid pedestrians, further distancing themselves from people. However, it’s best to use a personal e-scooter rather than a shared e-scooter since other people use the e-scooters.

It allows us to bypass traffic

E-scooters make commuting more fun and convenient, as it eliminates the need to sit and wait in traffic. Because of its size and portability, e-scooter riders can bypass traffic easily or avoid crowded roads and areas, allowing them to get to their destination faster.

Unfortunately, a 2017 survey from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics found that commuters spend 4.5 hours more on the road. This wasted time could have been spent at work or home. E-scooters can simply help you avoid traffic and make travel time shorter.

Commuters can get to their destination faster

Commuters in Sydney take an average of 71 minutes in transit, but travel time can be cut down significantly with e-scooters. Aside from the ability to avoid traffic, electric scooter models also have a default speed of 25 km/h, as per e-scooter laws, allowing commuters to travel faster and get to their destination quicker.

With a fast ride and no traffic in sight, this combination enables commuters to save more on time.

Riders can explore different parts of the city

Since e-scooters are smaller and more dynamic than cars and public transportation, e-scooters can take you to the narrowest of roads and in places where other vehicles can’t go.

In fact, a survey by Lime in Washington, DC found that shared e-scooter riders were able to visit more shops and attractions when riding e-scooters. With e-scooters, anyone can get around safely and explore more of the city, even during the pandemic.

You can ride an affordable transport option

Shared electric scooters cost more or less than public transportation but offer the convenience of personal transport. Because of this, it offers a better deal than riding public transportation. Shared e-scooter cost an average of $5 for a 10-minute ride, making them accessible for all kinds of commuters.

Meanwhile, personal e-scooters may be expensive for some, but it promises little to no costs afterwards since it has very little maintenance needed. Overall, e-scooters will offer an affordable and stress-free ride.

You no longer have to think about parking

Lastly, commuters don’t have to worry about parking when riding a personal or shared e-scooter. There are very light and compact electric scooters for adults which makes it easy for commuters to carry them inside public transportation or bring them inside establishments or offices.

Meanwhile, shared e-scooters can be parked anywhere as long as it’s not obstructing the pathway. With e-scooters, commuters don’t have to worry about finding a parking space and paying the parking fee.

Take advantage of the benefits of e-scooters

Overall, electric scooters offer a stress-free way to get around. Since commuters don’t have to hustle their way in a crowded bus or subway, locals can be assured of less exposure to the virus.

Moreover, if riders and shared e-scooter providers can disinfect units before or after rides, then there would be less transmission from shared e-scooter platforms. This will make shared e-scooters safer and more accessible to commuters.

Of course, there’s also the environmental benefit of using e-scooters. In the long run, if cities encourage more e-scooters in public, then cities can save on carbon emissions and help reduce air pollution.

Moreover, there can also be less traffic as more people opt for e-scooters and other micro-mobility devices to travel. Ultimately, people and cities should take advantage of the benefits of e-scooters to make commuting more fun and safe for everyone during the ongoing pandemic.

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