Essential Tips to Find the Best Trademark Lawyer

A trademark lawyer in Sydney can help protect the logo that you might have worked very hard to design and one that is meant to represent your business. In fact, a trademark lawyer can help protect a word, slogan, and image as well. A trademark can be of any shape and be a combination of several elements.

Some of the popular trademarks include the Nike swoosh symbol that is globally recognised, McDonald’s and Apple’s logo. A technology and IT lawyer plays a vital role in protecting your ideas, designs, products and brand identities. They do so by securing and commercialising your intellectual property like trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, patents as licensing. This article goes on to provide vital tips on how to select a trademark lawyer. 

Tips to find a trademark lawyer

  • Use the Internet to research your requirements and find lawyers offering a similar service.
  • Inquire about the level of experience of the lawyer prior to selecting them.
  • It is beneficial to select a trademark attorney in Sydney who works exclusively on matters pertaining to trademarks or intellectual property.
  • Several lawyers offer legal services pertaining to trademarks however not all will have the technical information of the finer details.
  • Be sure to inquire about the method of risk assessment. A good law firm would ideally rely on a legal search provider and use their database for the purpose of risk assessment.
  • The fees of a trademark lawyer can vary hence it is best to inquire about this first. Inquire about the expected turnaround time.
  • Registering your trademark and protecting the identity of your business is a good start. Inquire about how to protect it and monitor any potential infringements.
  • A registered trademark provides the business with an exclusive right to use it.

Important Statistics & Facts

  • Trademark applications in 2018 were 79490 while those in 2009 were 56573 and 2015 were 70000.
  • Trademark applications in New South Wales in 2018 were 16,660 while that in Victoria was 13,731.
  • Registering a trademark is not the same as registering a business name, company name or domain name.
  • It can be registered for 10 years after which it must be renewed however; it can be removed for non-use. 

Benefits of a trademark

  •  Registering a trademark is a good way of generating brand recognition.
  • A reputed brand will not only grab the attention of potential consumers it will also act as an incentive to the Employees.
  • It is one of the best methods of avoiding legal issues in the future.
  • The fact that a trademark is for life ensures a business can take advantage of their established brand name for as long as they wish by simply renewing it every 10 years.
  • It helps build trust and goodwill and increase consumer confidence.
  • A trademark is an asset that makes a company stand out and provides an edge over its competitors.  

A registered trademark can go on to become the greatest asset of a business. It helps a firm stand out from the rest and is also beneficial in the case where the company diversifies. Contacting a trademark lawyer will help give a business a more professional touch with their registered trademark as well as a sense of autonomy.

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