5 Proven Methods to Get More Customers and Increase Revenue

So how will you get more customers and increase revenue? How about getting more customers without thinking too much to increase your sales? The point is, if you want to get more customers, think more of them rather than thinking too much about your self. Think what your customers are thinking. Dream of what your customers are dreaming. And finally, strive to achieve what are your customers want to achieve.

To detail more of this study, the following are five great tips to do just that. Enjoy the list!

Marketing (Price)

One of the four Ps of marketing, price is very important to consider in attracting more clients. If you want to get a decent number of customers, you should consider your target market by adjusting your price. What matters here is not the level of price you want to set for your products or services – it is the type of customers you want to obtain. In other words, your price should follow your target consumers. If you are targeting the low income earner type of consumers, then you set your price low.

If you are targeting the rich and famous people, then a high price will become attractive for them. The logic is…poor people won’t buy expensive products which they cannot afford. On the other hand, rich people won’t buy cheap products which they might think will degrade their reputation and pride as rich personalities. So to find more consumers, consider your price and target your customers well.

Marketing (Product)

One of the most important Ps of marketing is product. This is the thing that you offer to your customers and this is where satisfaction from costumers will depend on. Products, whether they are in the form of goods or services, should possess quality, excellence and the ingredients that will make your customers “loyal customers”. Like pricing, production or choosing of products to offer should also depend on your consumers. You should not think of what you like to sell – you should think of what they want to buy.

Furthermore, you should not think of what you can get out of that sale however of what your customers can get out of that sale. Of course I’m not saying to forget about your self, your revenue and your profit. I’m just telling the process of prioritization. And it should be your customers over your self.

Marketing (Placement)

Or sometimes called place and distribution, refers to how the products get to customers. This P of marketing doesn’t refer only to geographical places where you distribute your product to consumers. It also refers to which segment (young, teenagers, adults, entrepreneurs, employees, etc.) you will sell your products. In order to achieve more customers and increase your sales, choosing the right location to place your products for sell should be analyzed carefully.

Selling your products online is one best way of attracting and engaging more customers. However, this should also be properly mixed with the other 3Ps of marketing – price, product and promotion, which I will discuss next.

Marketing (Promotion)

With the proper mixing of an excellent product, suitable price and correct placement of your products, promotion serves as the final touch for the perfect marketing strategy to attract more customers to patronise your products. Advertising, online and offline promotion and publicity are some ways to bring your products into people’s awareness. There are inexpensive marketing strategies that you can use. You can use the “word of mouth” strategy in offline marketing.

On the other hand, you can also use search engine optimisation tips in promoting your products online. There are also popular social sites on the internet like, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, which you can promote your products for free. However of course, as I was saying, this should be properly mixed with a satisfying product, suitable price and proper product distribution.


A great seller to customer relationship should be established between you (your company and your product) and your customers. This can be achieved by investing trust and confidence between each other. Trust arises when there is transparency and honesty between us. Confidence exists when we achieve excellence and reliability. Why hide your character to your customers? Loving starts in knowing. Be honest and transparent to your customers.

Let them know what they have bought, where it came from, how it was produced and why are you selling them. If they will love you, your company and your products, then it means you are really good and worthy to gain more profits. However if they will not love you, it means you should change or innovate.

These are basic ways to grab more customers and increase your profit. Keep visiting for more detailed and industry specific strategies on how to gain tons of loyal customers and increase your sales.

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