Australian Guide to the Best Office Chairs

There are different kinds of office chairs that suit different people. There are high-quality, ergonomic office chairs which will help you to be more productive and comfortable at work. There are office chairs with a backrest which will help you to sit unsupported so that you can focus on your work and not on how uncomfortable it is. And there are chairs which have armrests which will help you to rest your arms so that you can concentrate on your work without having to worry about how heavy they are.

We’ve put together this guide in order to help you decide which type of chair is best for you and what advantages they may offer. We hope that it will give you an extra edge when looking for an office chair.

Different types of office chairs

Office chairs are one of those things that can be purchased in very large or very small sizes. Usually the larger the chair, the more expensive it is. The smaller the chair, the cheaper it is.

However, there are some chairs which are a good fit for everyone. This guide will help you decide which type of office chair will be best for you.

If you’re new to office furniture and have yet to purchase a chair, you can start off with a simple folding office chair. One of our favourites is this one , which has an excellent price point and can be placed anywhere in your office space. If you already have an office, but would like to modify your space, these adjustable standing desk chairs are a great choice .

A simple desk can be made even more functional with an executive chair . These chairs also come in a variety of colours and styles so that all your friends (and enemies) know what colour to go for when buying their own chairs!

Lastly, if you need something just for sitting down at your desk at home, look no further than this wide-reaching ergonomic chair . It’s not only comfortable to sit on but also features features that make it easy to adjust even after sitting down for hours on end!

Executive chairs

If you think you don’t need a seat, then you probably have absolutely no problem sitting in a chair. But if you’re one of the many who thinks that a seat is essential for good posture, then the first thing to do is select the right style of chair for your body. There are lots of different types of chairs available, including ergonomic chairs and non-ergonomic chairs.

The most important thing to know about each type is what kind of adjustments can be done and which kinds of adjustment settings are available.

The following are three important things to consider when selecting an office chair:

For office work: What’s the purpose? Is it going to be used while sitting at a desk? Is it going to be used while standing in an office? If it’s not used while sitting at a desk, which style of chair should I buy?

For standing or walking: What kind of task does this job require? If you have several jobs that require standing or walking around the office, which type will best meet your needs?

For sleeping: How much sleep do you need every night? Will sleeping on an uncomfortable chair help or hurt your sleep quality (and vice versa)?

Once you have reviewed these points, and selected exactly what will work best for your needs, now comes the fun part! Choosing between two options depends entirely on how comfortable they are in different situations.

For example: with an ergonomically designed chair, one might find it more comfortable to sleep right away on top than underneath; but with none-ergonomic chairs, one might find that their pillow doesn’t adjust well enough for them to sleep comfortably (or perhaps they just don’t have time at night).

Office seats

There are many different types of office chairs on the market, each tailored to fit a specific task and purpose. Each has its pros and cons, so it’s important to understand the differences.

The most durable office chair is typically made of leather, which is not only non-porous, but also very hard wearing. If you do a lot of work standing for hours in one position, that can be a benefit. Leather is also resistant to stains and dirt (this is why you should take good care of your leather furniture), but it isn’t as comfortable as other materials like memory foam or gel-filled seating.

Leather can be a great option if you have sensitive skin or watery eyes. But for most people it isn’t comfortable enough for extended periods of time.

If you don’t need the comfort, memory foam may be the next best option. It is commonly used in furniture due to its ability to provide support and comfort without the need for padding around the feet (more on this below). You can also easily remove it if you have allergies or sensitivity issues (though note that foam tends to get mouldy faster than other materials).

Gel-filled seating provides more support around your hips and thighs with less pressure on your lower back; but it tends to be more expensive than leather at first, though it becomes much cheaper over time when you factor in maintenance costs associated with cleaning up spills and stains.

It also takes time to break in a new seat — so if you are buying one from scratch after a long day at work, make sure not to buy too early or else you may find yourself sitting in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time without moving!

Ergonomics with seating in office
Ergonomics with seating in office (Source)

Which office chair is best for you?

There are lots of different kinds of executive chairs. They can be made up of one or more types: ergonomic, adjustable and comfortable.

An ergonomic chair is designed to be comfortable and supportive, while providing a good amount of height adjustment. The best way to find the right type is to ask other people who have used them before you buy. There are also online resources that can help to choose the right type for you.

Adjustable chairs come in a wide range of heights and sit on adjustable arms with varying degrees of tilt, which means they can be made to suit your needs. For example, you may want a chair that allows you to lean back comfortably when writing, but still have your feet on the ground when reading from a distance away from the screen (this would be an easy-to-use ergonomic chair).

Or perhaps you need an adjustable office chair for typing long documents on, but not too tall so that it’s uncomfortable as well as inconvenient for standing up for long periods of time (this would be an adjustable office chair).

Comfort chairs are great if your work involves standing or sitting for long periods – these types provide good support and back support without being too uncomfortable (the seat should provide adequate support regardless whether you’re sitting or standing).

They also require minimal adjustments compared with other types of chairs – just raise or lower the armrests where necessary – and they are often more stylish than other kinds of office chairs.

The last type is a hybrid between the two: they provide good support whilst remaining relatively comfortable due to their height adjustment capabilities (an ergonomic desk chair) combined with their ability to recline at various angles (a reclining office chair).

This sort of chair usually has a removable backrest which provides extra comfort if required – however it isn’t always possible to remove it completely depending on the device/product used in combination with its backrest (for example, many laptop backs have padding built-in which makes removing it difficult unless there’s some kind of frame around it).

Those are some general types though there’s no doubt that any particular type will depend on many factors including your body type and position in relation to others in the workplace; the amount of time spent in different positions; whether or not you need extreme height adjustment abilities; whether or not you need some degree relaxation while working; how much time you spend sitting at work; etc..

Many types of office chair
Many types of office chair

How to choose an office chair

Every office chair has a purpose and there are several different types of chair for different purposes. It is important to know what type of chair you need to buy, as well as why you need it.

The answer to this depends on your needs and what you want to do in your office. In short:

  • If you are comfortable standing, then you will want a standing desk.
  • If you are going to be sitting in one place for long periods of time, then you will want an ergonomic chair (or even a recliner).
  • If what interests you most is the work environment, then an office seat will help create that environment.

There are many other reasons why someone would want one of these types of chairs:

A regular chair will not be comfortable if they are used frequently; ergonomic chairs can be adjusted to suit individual needs and preferences (such as height)

Ergonomic chairs provide support from the back, neck and shoulders; if your back is weak or stiff, or if it has problems with swelling or pain, an ergonomic chair may help that problem by giving you support from behind; the backrest can also be raised higher than a regular chair — if your back is beginning to hurt simply because it is too low — which may come in handy when using computers behind a screen.

A regular chair will not provide enough support for longer work sessions; ergonomic chairs can be adjusted for longer periods without discomfort (although this does require time).

A regular seat may not fit properly on a desk; ergonomic seating can adjust according to the size of the desk so that the user’s legs are in the perfect position while working their computer keyboard.

Here are some other things to consider before buying one:

The price: If buying used or secondhand, check out sites like Craigslist or eBay where sellers often list several different styles and prices so that buyers can find something that suits their needs. Prices vary widely depending on how new/used they might actually be, but typically good quality used furniture tends to go for $100-200 more than similar brand new furniture purchased by companies looking to sell their stock at full price at Christmas time (and those that have spent months setting up their office).

The material: The type of fabric on a couch might look nice but give little support after long periods of use — however solid hardwood furniture such as an office desk top usually provides.

The benefits of a good office chair

There are so many office chair models out there, each with its own pros and cons. How do you know which one is best for you?

The following information should be helpful in deciding on the right chair for your office needs.

The chair you choose will have an impact on the way you work, and ultimately, how much time you spend in front of your computer or desk. So if your goals are to spend less time at your desk, or get more work done, then it’s worth spending a little time considering the different types of chairs that are available.


Our office is the most important space in our lives and could have a major impact on the rest of our lives as well. We use it every day to do work, play and even sleep. The different types of office chairs will affect the kind of work we do, and also how we feel about our workspace. We hope that this guide will give you some ideas about what kind of chair to buy for your business or personal use.

Beware: When shopping for a new office chair, there are a lot of different things to consider. There are differences between office chairs with arms, tilt-back chairs and adjustable chairs. There are differences in the weight they can hold, how they support you and what kind of desk they sit on.

Sometimes there are even differences within each type of chair (there are recliners!). Some chairs have features that make them more comfortable than others — you want to look at these features before buying a chair so you can be sure you’re getting what you want.

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