Why You Should Hire a Family Lawyer When Planning to Adopt a Child

Adopting a child is one of the most important decisions in a parent’s life. There is a whirlwind of emotions that both parents go through. Two of the most common emotions being – Elation and Anxiety. Elation seems to be the right fit for this decision as it is an overwhelming feeling every parent poses while adopting a child, but why anxiety?

When making a choice to adopt a child, or in some cases, giving up your child for adoption is a complicated and emotionally draining situation. There are various adoption paper works and norms that require bird-eye scrutiny and follow-ups. Apart from having a few complexities and being in an emotional situation, adoption is a legal process that can be quite lengthy and complicated.

To avoid being in a complex and messy situation, both birth parents and possible adoptive parents prefer to work with top family lawyers in Sydney. A top family lawyer in Sydney ensures that the process of adoption progresses smoothly and in your favour.

Without further ado, here are 3 reasons why you should consider seeking a family lawyer in Sydney for your adoption process.

1) Taking Your Adoption Process Ahead

Adoption cases can vary widely from each other. The time taken for an adoption process is unpredictable as various factors influence each case. Stepparent adoptions tend to be less complicated and straightforward. They also take less time comparing it to non-relative child adoption.

At times, delay in certain adoption cases may also go beyond a family lawyer’s control. This usually happens when a biological parent has to give up their parental rights. However, where the case can be in your favour, a family lawyer can ensure you save time during the adoption process.

Indeed, various and significant amounts of paperwork are involved in the adoption process. This paperwork needs to file properly and on time. To avoid being in an uncanny situation, hiring an experienced family lawyer will turn out to be the best decision as they are skilled with paperwork and filing them without any errors. This ensures that your adoption process goes smoothly and is taken ahead.

2) Helps You With Understanding Your Rights

When it comes to family law, the rights of adoptive parents and birth parents both can be complicated. This is because most adoption cases are quite complex. For eg: what if a birth parent might want to undo an adoption? or what if a birth parent refuses to give up their parental rights before adoption? Regardless of parental status you hold, it is important to understand what are your rights and legal obligations when it comes to the adoption process.

A family lawyer can provide you detailed information regarding your rights for adoption and ensures that your rights are protected throughout the adoption process. Whether you are adopting a child or giving your child up for adoption, understanding your adoption rights can serve you to be protected.

3) Represents You at Adoption Hearings

Often adoption cases do not require court hearings as the process goes smoothly. However, in some cases, complex issues may arise and therefore the matter needs to be brought into court. By hiring a family lawyer in Sydney city at the initial stage of the adoption process, you will not only have legal support but also have someone who can represent you at any adoption hearings.

Since they are already familiar with the details of your case, fewer complications are likely to occur in court hearings as whatever the facts are being presented in the court are sound and correct.

Are you looking for a specialised family legal advisor in Sydney?

Koffels is a full-service business-minded law firm that provides quality family law advice to their clients with creative solutions to resolve any legal problems. Their team includes one of the best family lawyers in Sydney as they are well-versed with all the legal process and can represent you at any court trials.

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