All You Need To Know About Your Hotel Stay In Australia Amid Coronavirus

On March 11, 2020, WHO, the World Health Organisation, declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a global pandemic. Not only did this lead to global panic, but businesses soon began to suffer the damages of the world’s economic downfall. In Dandenong itself, accommodation apartments began to fall victim to vacancies, with even the cheap hotels in Dandenong beginning to see a decline in the number of customers coming in.

Eventually, hotels started to shut down due to losses and unmatched payments, while certain hotels began to play the role of a containment zone. Even as of today, Australia is only open to Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members of citizens. However, if you need to stay in serviced apartments in Dandenong due to quarantine restrictions or more, you must follow all possible forms of precaution to avoid any harm.

To help you stay safe during these troubling times, we’ve built this short guide for you on the precautions you must be taking while looking for accommodation in Dandenong.

What are some of the general precautions you must follow while staying in a hotel?

Naturally, one of the most essential steps while staying in a hotel is to ensure that one washes their hands frequently, before and after touching things like door knobs, handles, before resuming meals, or other activities. It is also advised to use an alcohol-based soap, especially after an exchange of credit cards or any other item.

Besides this use a sanitizer before and after entering a different room for meetings, etc. Avoid shaking hands and maintain a 6-feet distance from all individuals you come across in the hotel. Wear a mask at all times.

How can you know if the safety precautions that are being followed in the hotel you’re staying at are up to par?

The COVID-19 prevention measures being taken in hotels today are the same as the measures that were taken for the containment of the SARS outbreak, which occurred a little over 17 years ago.

SARS, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, is also known to be the stepping stone for the outbreak of coronavirus which has occurred today. The symptoms and the spreading process of the two diseases are essentially the same, which is why the same measures of precautions are currently being followed in public accommodations today.

Hotels like Sandown Regency in Dandenong are carrying out modes of infection prevention for travellers, increased awareness and all possible forms of risk communication. It’s important to remember that preventive measures don’t mean carrying out sanitization only. One must communicate with employees, employers and customers.

If you’re looking for a hotel in Dandenong within the ranges of the cheap motels in Dandenong, Sandown Regency is a hotel that’s carrying out all necessary precautions for all Australian citizens, residents and family visitors that need a place to stay safe.

What can you do if you feel symptoms during your stay at the hotel?

The first step you need to take is to isolate. Once you do, you need to inform the hotel and the local authorities about your situation. Until you’ve gained the necessary medical advice, it’s recommended that you cancel out the rest of your plans and stay in your room.

Avoid interacting with other guests and the hotel workers as much as possible. The safety of everyone lies completely in your hands.

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