House Inspection During COVID? Follow These Few Open Home Rules That You Need To Follow

COVID-19 has brought in several drastic changes in our lifestyle. Whether it’s emotionally, or mentally, or physically, everyone seems to be affected during this unfortunate time. This global pandemic has brought in the crisis that has affected the majority of businesses and industries in terms of having access to fewer goods and declined cash flow.

Though many businesses and industries are now bouncing back on the right track and recovering from this mishap, this shows that this world strives to recover after unfortunate situation. As the world continues to battle against COVID-19, this does not mean that one should delay the search of their dream home.

During times like this, considering the services of a house inspection in Perth will ensure that you comply with current health regulations while giving your family or future buyer of your property greater protection.

Without further ado, here are few rules you may have to follow for house inspections and open homes.

1) Mask is Mandatory

Obviously for a reason! Wearing a mask during house inspection is mandatory and crucial. This simply means that it doesn’t matter whether you are an agent, property buyer, landlord, or soon to be tenant, if you visit a house property nearby to any area, cover your face with a medical mask or face shield. If you fail to comply with the rules and regulations, an agent has a right to deny entry inside that particular property. Although, an agent might provide an exception in case if the child is under the age of 12 or someone is going through a medical condition (with relevant medical documents).

The government has issued a public health order that states wearing a mask is mandatory, and it is enforced by law. Violation of this rule could cost you a hefty fine. Besides, masks are a simple and effective measure to reduce the virus from spreading. And to be more precise, masks are not necessarily used to stop COVID-19, but they can minimise the risk.

2) Private Inspection Open But With Certain Restrictions

As per the instruction of second step restrictions, private inspections are now allowed but with certain strict rules. This rule states that the property inspection should be conducted with only one agent and one buyer/tenant along with their partner. This inspection should be contactless, and the timeframe for visiting the property should not exceed 15 minutes.

Although a few restrictions are put to ease in terms of allowing the resident to travel beyond 25 km to inspect a home (within metro areas). During the visit, an agent and the buyer/tenant should comply and follow social distancing, mandatory use of face mask, and other hygiene practises.

3) Resuming Outdoor Auctions

With the ease of restriction in terms of private investigation, the government has now allowed the outdoor auction to resume. Although there are a few restrictions implied. All the outdoor auctions should include up to 10 people in the area, including the person who will be conducting the auction.

4) Following Social Distancing Rules

Since the infection rate is extremely low in Perth, the rules are now relaxed, many open house inspections returned to normal. Though Phase 4 restrictions still instruct people to maintain proper social distancing.

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