How to Boost Your SEO and Get More Blog Readers

Traffic is lifeblood for any blog. What’s more better than search engine traffic?

Here’s my suggestion to all the bloggers who are trying hard to bring search engine traffic to their blogs, and get more blog readers – forget about SEO!

Am I looking dumb to you?

If you run after search engines, you will definitely forget your readers which results in building a mediocre blog in the long run.

But.. bringing traffic is so important to make money blogging. After all, we need money to pay our bills! So here are few simple SEO tips to use to rank higher in the search engines.

Use search engine friendly design

If you want to succeed online, invest money first. Even if you want to build a money making blog, you must be getting targeted traffic from the search engines.

Because without traffic, your blog won’t survive in the long run – you will eventually give up if you don’t see the desired results.

To bring search engine traffic, make use of search engine friendly themes. And you can’t get search engine friendly themes or elements from a FREE theme. Spend money on buying great themes like Genesis or Thesis or any other that you find valuable.

Moreover if you use free themes, they might consist of irrelevant code or malicious elements that will make your blog easily hackable. So never use free themes if you are serious about making money online.

Search engine friendly themes will definitely improve your search engine rankings in the long run, I’m saying this because I personally saw a huge traffic growth after using Thesis on my blogs

Optimise your URL structure

Make your URL structure SEO friendly – optimising your URL’s is a must. Both the search engines and readers will find it easy to find your topics when you have optimised URL structure.

To optimise your URL structure..

Go to your WP dashboard.

WP-admin >> Settings >> Permalinks

Now click on, “Custom structure”

Copy and paste the following URL structure..


You are now successfully optimised your URL structure for the search engines. This is the best URL structure to keep your blog search engine and user friendly.

Use SEO Yoast plugin and make use of meta description

This is by far the best SEO plugin to get more blog readers to your posts. Though it’s a free plugin, all of its offers are premium.

It’s so simple to use, all you need to do is to fill the meta description with your desired keywords and tags. If your specific keywords are allover your article, it will show you a green symbol (it means you perfectly optimised the content for the search engines).

If not, it will show a red symbol which shows that you need to optimise your contents to get more search traffic.

I definitely recommend this plugin to any new blogger because it’s worth your time. And remember that, meta description of your posts are very important, they play a vital role in search traffic as most people read rich snippets before clicking the links on search results.

So make sure you are perfectly optimising your description for the search engines to get quality traffic.

Build high quality back links

Back links act as ‘votes’ in search engines, the more quality link pointing to your sites, the more better results you will get in the search engines.

Don’t buy links from others – they will always provide black hat seo tips to build links which results in permanent ban of your sites from the search engines.

So never (Ever) buy links from others and make link building process in a natural way. It means, don’t build 1000′s of links within a month and sit calm, instead follow slow and steady method to build great inbound links to your sites.

To build high quality back links, you should be creating high quality contents on your own sites and writing guest posts for other blogs.

Always target long tail keywords

Using long tail keywords can bring massive search traffic to your posts. How?

Reason is simple. Long tail keywords are often ignored and most bloggers (Even the new bloggers) can aim better search engine rankings for the long tail keywords because of the less competition.

For example, if you have a car advice blog, don’t try for ‘best car tips’ – instead if you try to use long tail keywords like ‘best cars in Australia′, ‘best cars to buy in Australia this year’ etc. you will rank high in search engines.

So.. always aim for the long tail keywords to rank high in Google, and get more blog readers!

Photo by Miles Burke on Unsplash

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