How to Clean Carpets in the House: Tips and Do-It-Yourself Remedies

A small practical and effective guide on how to clean carpets at home with low cost, do-it-yourself and natural remedies that allow you to wash them and free them from stains and mites.

Home rugs are one of the most loved furnishing accessories yet often you don’t know how to clean them without damaging them, especially if they are made of particular materials. One then wonders if it is necessary to resort to professional washing or if it is possible to wash them even at home.

In reality, the DIY course is one of the most common, because it allows you to take care of your carpets without spending too much, but to wash carpets at home without depreciating them, you need to know how to treat the different materials, in order do not compromise its beauty by using the wrong products or procedures.

The rugs can be made of different materials based naturally on personal tastes, but also the intended use:

  • there are rugs made of wool, warm and perfect for bedrooms or the living room,
  • in silk, ideal for refined environments,
  • in natural fibres such as sisal, rice cloth and jute, comfortable and resistant, also excellent for outdoor use,
  • in acrylic and polypropylene materials, resistant and economical.

The washing of carpets therefore requires a specific treatment based on the material they are made of.

The wool carpets should be dry cleaned, but with due attention can be washed at home, before resorting to the removal of the powder through a classic vacuum cleaner (gently moved in the direction of the wool).

Subsequently, the carpet must be immersed in a basin of cold soapy water, combine with a soft bristle brush. Finally let it dry in the sun, on a smooth surface, and inside out.

The silk carpets, being very delicate, can be cleaned with a broom or vacuum cleaner, dusting or sanitized with bicarbonate to leave for one hour and then gently removed with a vacuum cleaner.

The rugs in natural fibres can be cleaned with simple soap and water and dried in the open air, while the rugs in acrylic materials can be cleaned by dusting them with bicarbonate to be vacuumed after leaving it to act for an hour. Carpet cleaning is often not without mistakes. The most common?

  • Throw them vigorously out the window,
  • Using stain removers that are too violent,
  • Put them in the washing machine.

In all three cases, the carpets end up getting damaged, especially the wool ones that see the knots of which they are made spoiled.

A properly cleaned carpet will last long. That’s why Speedy Carpet Cleaners brings some DIY tips for you.

Products for cleaning carpets: natural and low-cost remedies

So how to clean carpets without using chemicals?

Several natural, economical and do-it-yourself solutions allow you to sanitize them at best without damaging them.

The first do-it-yourself remedy is baking soda, perfect for dusting on carpets to eliminate odours and refresh, to leave on for an hour and then remove with a vacuum cleaner.

Another excellent technique for cleaning carpets is steam, which also has the benefit of reducing insects thanks to the high temperatures. There are special machines on the market to which you can add necessary oils to give the carpets a good clean scent.

An excellent choice for super powerful carpet cleaning is borax. Borax is nothing more than a simple crystal often used in detergents and soaps thanks to its disinfectant and germ-free power.

How to clean carpets with borax? It is sufficient to create a kind of compound consisting of:

  • A cup of borax
  • A cup of baking soda
  • Half a cup of corn starch
  • 15 drops of necessary oils of your choosing (juniper, lemon, lilac-purple, cypress)

Once everything is mixed, spread the mixture on the carpet, leave it to act for 3 or 4 hours and finally remove it with a vacuum cleaner. The carpet will be clean, sanitized and perfumed.

Carpet care: how to get rid of mites and stains

Frequently it is not sufficient just to know how to clean carpets: you also need to know the resolutions to fight the irritating insects and remove the necessary stains.

Those experiencing insect sensitivity can use two different methods to reduce irritating insects from their carpets:

  • Use baking soda, transmit it on for 2 hours and then vacuum-clean up with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Vacuum a wet tea pouch in the vacuum cleaner, to be replaced every 2 weeks.

Both solutions are perfect for killing insects and avoiding them being delivered into the air again if the vacuum cleaner is provided with an anti-mite filter.

Another problem that often hurts carpets and requires specific treatment is that of stains: each stain must be managed differently naturally, but often it is enough to treat them with hot water and vinegar to be sprinkled directly on the stain, then dabbing with absorbent paper.

If the stain is oily, it will be useful to sprinkle it with talc powder before cleaning it off, while the wax can be eliminated by applying a sheet of absorbent paper and passing the hot iron several times, finally removing the residues with trichloroethylene.

Finally, Marseille soap dissolved in water and the inevitable water and vinegar can also be used to remove stains from carpets.

In Summary

If your carpet needs professional cleaning, call the experts, like the from Speedy Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne. Just follow the link and get a free, personalized Carpet Cleaning Melbourne quote without any commitment.

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