How to Make Money While Taking a Gap Year

Are you currently taking a gap year and not doing anything? Don’t let yourself stay in comfort zones, because there are still many things we can do: just like making some money. As we are all getting older, we can’t always rely upon our basic needs for someone else, and this is an excellent start to be independent. Worry no more; these are five side job ideas for you that can make you earn much income.

Sell our goods

Do you have great stuff that is no longer to be worn or used? Then, this is the right time to turn them into cash. Kaching! We can start with sorting out our unworn clothes, books that we no longer read, shoes that do not fit with our feet anymore, anything! After finding the stuff that we think is not useful for us, we can find a way to sell those.

If we like to be more “intimate” with our soon-to-be buyers, we can make our garage sale. We can maximise our garage space or our expansive terrace to display our goods there. Do not forget to make a poster with a handwriting ‘garage sale’ on it (so that our neighbours won’t think that we are such a show-off-ers).

If we prefer to utilise technological advancements, we can maximise our electronic devices to market our stuff. We can create our website or “putting” our items in e-commerces. Plus, we must have been familiar with Amazon or eBay, and then we can start there.

All we have to do is take a picture of your stuff, write a brief with a clear description, and upload it to our e-commerce page. Then, sit on our comfy couch and wait for the notification that someone has bought the stuff. Do the steps, and we will be ready to be a millionaire.

Participate in a paid survey

The modern era makes it possible for us to do almost everything, including sitting in front of the laptop and producing pots of money. One of many ways to do it is by participating in paid web-based surveys. Technically, a paid survey is a survey in which the respondents will fulfil precise details.

The payment itself can be in the form of money, stuff, or vouchers. There are plenty of web-based surveys globally known: Toluna, YouGov, Mobrog, Global Test Market, SurveyOn, and many more.

Some are surveys in academic research; some are for company purposes. We can choose the type of web-based survey that we prefer. The more complex the survey we fill in, the bigger prizes that we will get. Just make sure that we have already registered on the website and create a profile.

Then, don’t forget to subscribe to the website without missing out on the recent survey notification. The next thing we have to do is to make a PayPal account because many surveys will pay us through that online payment system. Then, work our ass out and wait for the cash flowing in our Paypal account.

Do guest writing

If we love writing, then being a guest writer can be a choice to add some extra money in our wallet. Practically, guest writing is like writing for other people, companies, or websites (that’s why we are called a ‘guest’). Guest writing is a common thing in digital marketing, especially. For example, Intel ever hired a guest writer Ekaterina Walter, a contributor of Mashable, The Next Web, Fast Company, and many other big companies.

Guest writing will bring benefits to both parties. For the company, they will get an authentic (and well-written) article. For the writer, they will get more exposure and money in return. Here is one of the platforms where we can be a guest writer easily.

Meanwhile, on a personal scale, being a guest writer will be the right solution for those who like to write but not being tied with a particular institution, company, or responsibility. On one side, we have a Medium platform to practice our writing skills, and on the brighter side, our account will increase in numbers. Sounds like a win-win solution, hah?

Start investing

Many people have difficulty in organising their money. Some even waste them for less-important things and are stuck in dizziness when a bang of financial issue knocks in. The solution to this problem is by money-investing. Money Under 30 gives some easy ways to invest our money even if it amounts to little. The first is by taking a cookie jar approach.

If we have never been a saver, we can start by putting away just $10 per week. It may not look like much, but if we do it frequently for a whole year, about $500 will be coming to us. Try to put that $10 in an envelope, shoebox, small safe, or (literally) cookie jar.

Another way to start investing is through the stock market. Today’s internet makes it easier for us to be an investor. It enables consumers to get started with very little upfront money. We mean that we can begin investing our few dollars to make us familiar with the more powerful investment system. So, we will feel nothing to lose if we lose the money.

Teach something

If we have many skills, we can earn extra income, such as English, Mathematics, sewing, design, or cooking. Make sure that we know the market we target, whether it is school kids or housewives. Then we can promote ourselves to the market target. Plus, don’t forget to set such an appropriate rate to make not our soon-to-be consumers stepping back. As a beginning, we can place an initial quality or a discount price to attract them.

For the teaching method, we can do it either offline or online. Today’s technology makes us teach conventionally by face-to-face and by maximising social media’s role. We can use some online applications like Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, or several video call services from social media as Whatsapp or Line.


If we can see opportunities, there we will always find a way to make money. Use our gap year virtually, and don’t waste our time by idling. Thank you for reading. Plus, make sure to share this article and click here if you want to get more valuable content.

About the Author

This article is written by Jibril. He is digital marketing savvy and is currently working for RRGraph Design. You can find Jibril on LinkedIn.

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