How to Stand Out in a World of So Many Startups

There are hundreds of thousands of startups and the crowd is getting noisier by the brightest business crowd in town.

To stand out from the rest you need a strategy in place that shows others who you are and the work you do.

You can follow these tips to set up goals and measure how they relate to your value and the relationship to your competitors and more.

Start with quick delivery methods

Every big company and big brand started somewhere including the giants like Amazon which started in a garage.

But the thing that helped them take off was their commitment to quality and delivery. One strategy that helped Amazon is their two day delivery and sometimes 30 minute delivery.

Consumers are mad about speed and reliability. This is especially true when ordering online.

Applying this to your strategy makes the difference between someone choosing you over a competitor.

Invest in content marketing

One important page on your site that you cannot do without is your blog. Content drives organic traffic to the site and also helps build trust and connection with the target audience. It gives you an opportunity to present your thoughts to the world.

This helps you when building a relationship with people. You can later mail out this content to leads who sign up to your CRM.

Content marketing isn’t just about writing new content. You need a very effective content strategy that’s less about creating content and more about the quality of writing you give to readers. That’s how you make money.

A good content marketing strategy keeps in place a number of processes that are focused on customer acquisition, SEO rankings, partnerships and building quality links.

For creating content, creativity is the most important aspect. Fluff doesn’t stand out. Content marketing is both art and science and sets the foundation for how potential customers view you.

Keep track of key performance indicators

The best campaigns can fail. It is devastating to someone who has spent time, and money on the campaign. The key? Learn from your mistakes and keep trying new things.

Keep a watch on your competitors and see if they succeed or fail. This helps you with a number of reassurances and opportunities that help you get noticed in the industry you are targeting now.

Keep an eye on the competitors and measure the performance of the campaigns by tracking key KPIs

Measuring these KPIs and responding to them can increase engagement, build awareness and keep brand conversations going.

Be socially conscious

Most people turn to startups and businesses because they find no comfort in big brands that have stains on sustainability.

They have poor working conditions, almost no environmental concern and engage in cruel animal testing practices. For instance a diesel generator is going to have lower sales than something that runs on hydrogen.

Informing audiences that your startup is environmentally and socially conscious helps you gain trust, forge connection with clients and other things. These help people choose your brand over others. If you ever invest in the stock market you will see that companies that bear ESG concerns, that is environmental concerns tend to get beaten up on the index. This is fairly routine because customers are more conscious of their environment now and want companies to be responsible for their deeds. One such company is ITC whose stock has fallen by 20 to 30 percentage points in the past year.

Enhance website performance

In the age of speed, it’s delivery times that matter.

For expectations it’s not just about when the product reaches home, its also about how soon a site can load.

People are not willing to wait for a site to load forever.

A delay of a single second can lead to a 7% decrease in web engagement on average. Page load speed is the first experience someone has with a brand. People detest waiting. You should create faster sites as a result. If you don’t know how to do this there are freelancers who can make this possible.

One way to make this possible and give better website performance is through lazy loading. It’s a page speed technique that makes a big dent on bounce rates. It makes sure the most important parts of the site load quickly. The non-critical pages that require more to load are loaded while the viewer is going through other important parts.

Not all websites can however employ lazy loading.

Be unique and get more opportunities to stay relevant

For standing out in a crowded market it’s about being unique so that customers find and remember you.

There are a few strategies to help you with this

  1. Quick and easy delivery
  2. An effective content strategy
  3. Keeping track of all KPIs
  4. Be socially responsible
  5. Enhance website performance

These are all important. Always stay abreast of the latest trends and happenings in your industry. These are the most important things to know when running a business and growing your site.


About the Author

George is a blogger and writer at Manswellness. He has over 9 years of experience creating content online for different industries.

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