10 Tips For Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

If the mere thought of getting up in front of the crowd to deliver a speech sends a chill down your spine, then it seems you are likely to have a fear of public speaking. The fear of public speaking is almost as common as someone having a fear of spiders, heights, or flying. So, does that mean you are alone? The answer is NO! It is estimated that around 73% of the world population panics while delivering even a word in public.

You might just wonder how you can overcome glossophobia? Or develop the associated skills to feel confident?

Well, here are 10 tips that are easy and practical to follow to improve public speaking skills.

The Art of Communication:

As a person who fears public speaking, one of the most crucial things you need to keep in mind is how effective communication skills might just come handy. Always remember the more you practice and work on your communication skills, the better the learning experience you gain. There is no harm in trying something new. So try to gain ample knowledge and practice. A lot!

Be Real:

What’s better than being yourself and open during a conversation? Let your actual personality come through and go with the flow. By doing this, you will gain the interest of your audience and keep them hooked with your words.

Stay Confident

Being confident during your speech will allow you to be clear with your words. This may help your body and mind to stay calm and focused while answering questions to the audience. You can find various public speaking courses in Perth, that can be your best guide.

Prepare In Advance:

Even the most confident and skilled public speakers stay prepared with their speech. Analyze the timing of your speech and know who your audience is going to be. This will not only help with being prepared but keep your audience hooked up. A prepared and tailored speech makes your words more relatable and interesting.


Yes, it may sound a little nerve-racking to deliver your speech with a smile while being anxious from the inside. But, chances are that most of the audience will feel comfortable and will smile back in return. Remember to stay positive and be welcoming toward your audience.

Work On Your Body Language:

If you tend to use facial expressions, gestures, and movements to communicate with your audience, then you are probably going on the right track. This act will not help you be more expressive but boost your confidence from within. Practice more on creating a strong stage presence and be confident. Be confident, act confident.

Be Humorous:

Try using a few amusing stories to be able to connect with your audience. Apart from stories, try adding your personal touch to your speech. This will act as an ice breaker between you and the audience.

Up your leadership skills:

Leadership and public speaking go hand-in-hand. One of the most important leadership skills is to have the ability to create a bonding between you and the audience. Your words should be clear, optimistic, and confident. There are several leadership courses in Perth that might just come handy and be an aid to stay confident.

Control Your Voice Command:

Your voice is a primary tool to communicate with your audience. Therefore, before starting your speech, practice taking deep breaths. This will not only help you ease your anxiety, but also bring in a powerful voice tone that can deliver a strong and loud speech.

It’s Okay To Make Mistakes:

No one is perfect. People make mistakes and learn. It’s alright if you jumble up a few things here and there. Carry on the show and stay confident.

Your goal should be to make your speech as interesting as possible. Convey some useful information that people might have never heard of. Are you looking for any Public speaking courses and Leadership training courses in Perth? JEM Management Training is one of the finest institutes that delivers various personality development courses for your growth.

Remember to deliver a clear, confident, and productive speech that stays as the most memorable and successful presentation in your life.

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