Incontinence Products and Its Different Types

There’s no doubt that incontinence products and devices are extremely helpful for those who have incontinence issues. There’s a thriving market for these products and due to the demand, a wide range of incontinence products are available in the market.

These include pads and guards, pull-up pants, all in one slips, washable pants, booster pads, protectors, wipes and sanitisers. There are also incontinence products for young children. One of the best brands for such products is Confidence Club.

They offer discreet packing and doorstep delivery which is very convenient. Confidence Club is the leading supplier of incontinence products in Australia. Take a look at their collections by logging onto

Types of Incontinence Products

Liners: Liners are mainly used by people who have mild to moderate incontinence issues. There come in different levels of absorbency and sizes. When used, liners can be held in place by absorbent briefs or protective underwear. Options with or without adhesives are available to help keep the incontinence liners in place.

Pads: Pads for incontinence are mainly designed to provide protection from moderate to mild incontinence. They are usually used with regular underwear or with reusable briefs. For these products, there are various levels of absorbencies which can protect the skin from moisture. Like liners, pads too are available with or without adhesives.

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Guards: These products are specially designed for men. They are absorbent and contoured. They are grouped with liners or pads and can also be used inside the underwear or with reusable incontinence briefs. They provide mild to moderate protection from incontinence. As they are contoured, they protect and control the leaks that may occur due to the incontinence issues.

Belted Shields: These are liners or pads which have an added feature of an adjustable belt for improved positioning and security. There are various levels of absorbencies available and these products can be used for people with light to moderate incontinence issues. Belted shields can be worn under the regular underwear. They are less bulky in comparison to protective underwear.

Pads and Pants: They consist of reusable underwear that can hold a disposable incontinence pad which is designed for those with moderate to heavy incontinence issues.

Protective Underwear: It is a one-piece undergarment which is made of elastic that is easier to pull-on and off. They are also known as pull-ups. They offer various levels of absorbances and can be helpful for those who have moderate to heavy incontinence issues.

Under pads: Though disposable under pads can be a backup option, it’s not recommended for use as the sole protection against incontinence. There are various levels of absorbances for under pads as well. They can protect the leaks occurring on bed and furniture and are mainly used during general procedures or wound care.


The products listed above are some of the major products that can be utilised to manage incontinence issues. When opting for such products it’s best to go for brands that specialises in incontinence products. One such brand in Australia is Confidence Club.

Other than the products for elderly, they also offer products for younger kids and children. For more details regarding the collection of products they offer log onto

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