Marine Plywood: Things to Know About It and Its Application

Marine grade plywood is strong, made from good quality hardwood and is devoid of any defects. It is a lightweight wood that can withstand unpredictability of weather, retains moisture and is an ideal choice for outdoor marine establishments like boats, decking and other structures.  This thicker plywood can be formed together with a formulated adhesive.

Any hardware store will stock a wide range of building material, this includes plywood with classification like A,B,C or D. Grade A plywood is considered the best plywood, however, it is not as high quality as the marine grade plywood since standard plywood is made from fewer and thinner layers. It is ideal for garden furniture like tables, chairs, decking and porches.

This article goes on to explain the common applications of marine plywood in Tasmania. 

Popular applications of marine plywood

  • Especially in Tasmania, marine plywoods are used in making boats. These types remain unaffected in water, and are durable in its properties. 
  • In Hobart, these plywoods are used in preparation of docks. They are low maintenance and are not affected by high levels of moisture. The deterioration factor is null, is long-lasting and ideal for dock construction. 
  • As the most moisture-prone room in the house, it can also be used in bathroom construction. Even ideal for the kitchen, as the space deals with high-amount of heat and moisture. 
  • Ships or other vehicles that are water dependent. 
  • Outdoor furniture can be built from this like park benches and other wooden structures.
  • Homeowners tend to use large plywood sheets as decking material for their outdoors construction space. Marine plywood is ideal because it will not contain any gaps since it is treated with heat and pressure.

Benefits of buying marine plywood in Tasmania

There are many benefits of using marine plywood as listed here:

  • It will remain in good condition even when exposed to wet weather conditions or a high level of moisture.
  • Wood tends to rot and lose its structural integrity if exposed to water for too long, however, this is not the case with marine plywood.
  • It is impact resistant hence can sustain high impacts.
  • This can handle a great deal of wear & tear as well as harsh weather conditions.
  • It has a good surface finish since it is made from solid veneer wood giving it a very fine wooden appearance.
  • This is one of the most flexible plywood that will not crack.
  • Almost everyone will have the need to use nails or screws. This is high-density plywood that is not hard to come by at the stores. Which means the nails will hold with ease.
  • One of the biggest issues with wooden constructions is pests and termites. The advantage of using marine plywood is that it will not be affected by termites.
  • This is an extremely pliable wood making it ideal for curved wooden structures since bending the wood will not make it snap.

Several stores stock marine plywood in Hobart along with many other types of building material making it easy to get hold of irrespective of whether you are attempting a DIY project or seeking help from a professional for your contraction project.

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