Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Office

Moving an office is a stressful time for any business, but it can be even more difficult if you do not plan carefully. Mistakes to avoid when moving offices are plentiful, and they will cause headaches down the line.

Moving offices should be thought of as an investment – by planning well in advance of your move, you will save money on hiring movers and may also find that you enjoy your new space more than your old one. What kind of mistakes should you avoid? We are listing like the following:

Not Budgeting Enough Money For The Move

A move can be costly, and your budget should reflect that. It is important to allocate enough money for the move to cover both the cost of hiring professional movers and any new furniture you may need after moving offices!

Without knowing how much it will cost beforehand, you might find yourself needing a loan or without adequate funds. Remember – don’t let this happen again by ensuring that your next relocation has an accurate estimate ahead of time, so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay out all those bills.

Leaving Your IT Department

Managers may forget to keep IT in the loop when it comes to planning a move. If you don’t have proper IT set up at your new location and need their help with anything that has to do with computers or phone systems. They may not be able to provide any assistance.

Forget To Update Address

Do you want to be able to receive mail when it’s delivered? Mistakes like forgetting to update your address with the postal service can cause headaches and result in wasted time and money. Make sure that all contact information is up-to-date before moving day.

Multiple Items At Once

If you’re packing yourself or hiring a company for the job, note how many items are going into each box. If there are too many heavy boxes at once, they may collapse under their weight, making them difficult to carry without an additional person on hand. For this reason, keep fragile items packed separately from heavier goods if possible, so they don’t get mishandled during transit. 

Office Staff Not Involved

You should avoid this big mistake that your office staff is not involved in moving because they have to handle everything you want them to do after your office move.

Surprises Along The Way

Another mistake is not taking everything into account when moving, leading to unpleasant surprises along the way. This can happen if you’re using a home mover without experience in commercial moves or are hiring someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing because of low-cost prices. 

Planning Mistakes

The most serious mistake is planning mistakes when moving office space. It may cause irreparable damage to business productivity due to setbacks from continuing operations at a different location until new premises are ready for occupation. That’s why we recommend Royal Sydney Removals office relocation services.

Not Labelling On Moving Boxes

Packing is the most important thing while moving your office, so you may need to check that all boxes have labels on them or not. Mistakes may happen when you put something we’re not supposed to be in a box.

Not Packing Data Properly

Another mistake is data-related mistakes that people often make when moving office space. Mistakes include forgetting the IT equipment such as computers and servers or failing to protect them adequately during transit, so other items inside boxes damage them.

That’s why Royal Sydney Removals Specialist Office Movers take care of packing your IT equipment safely before sending it on its way with us. 

Not Get Insurance For Valuables

Another Mistake To Avoid When Moving Office is not getting insurance for your valuables. It’s easy to be overconfident and think that nothing will happen. The office has good interior items, computers, and laptops also so you should also take insurance of all those items before you move, it will help you when any damage happens.

To Avoid When Moving Office fails to protect them adequately during transit, so other things inside boxes damage them. That’s why Royal Sydney Removals Specialist Office Movers take care of packing your valuables.

Investigate Your New Building

Mistakes To Avoid When moving office space also includes investigating your new building or location before you move in, such as checking the proximity of the nearest cafe or supermarket, availability of public transportation and even how quickly emergency services respond to a call on a Friday afternoon at lunchtime when everyone leaves work early. You never know what might come up.

Timing Your Office Relocation Is Wrong

If your timing and date are wrong, then it will be trouble for you while moving. The best time to move would be when there are no major or special events, conferences, exhibitions etc., as this can lead to delays and problems in the relocation process.

Not Getting Help From A Professional Moving Company

Finally, if you’re moving your office for whatever reason (even if it’s just from one part of an office building), make sure that you hire professional movers. They will pack all of your belongings properly so there is little chance something can get lost or damaged during transit – as well as packing everything into boxes where necessary too.

This way, nothing should go missing on the day of the move and cut down on stress by making things easier.

Contact Royal Sydney Removals For Office Relocation

Royal Sydney Removals is a professional removals company that knows how to move office spaces with ease. Our experienced removalists Sydney team of movers can handle the job for you from start to finish, including packing up and transporting everything safely.

Contact us today if you need help moving an office or relocating staff between different locations within your workplace. Also, you can directly call us on 1800 491 466. As a full-service interstate moving company, we also offer storage services in the case of any unexpected delays before new premises are ready for occupation, as well as our delivery service, where we will drive directly into your building’s loading bay. Hence, there is no waiting around on arrival day.

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