How Much Does It Cost To Move To A House In Victoria?

You will come across an unusual sight now and again: a home on the back of a truck driving along the town’s main thoroughfare. A mobile house is one thing. To go from A to B, you would need a single-family house with a porch that will catch your eye.

The thought of moving a house—digging it out of the ground and moving it to a new location—could leave you scratching your head. In most cases, restoring a historic property is worth the considerable time, money, and work.

It will be demolished in 2019 to create room for a new lobby and performance complex at Wayne State University’s Detroit campus’s 124-year-old Mackenzie House, 3,000 square feet. The removalist cost in Melbourne could be $750,000 to go around the block. There are more than 95,000 sites on the National Register of Historic Places designated as “worthy of preservation.”

Moving a residence might be done for various other reasons as well. Is it difficult to comprehend how such a significant accomplishment is achieved? It’s fascinating information, and we learned it from a professional who lifts 200-250 houses a year.

How Much Does It Cost To Relocate A Residence?

As you would expect, a home move does not come with a “flat charge,” as you would expect. The cost of moving a house depends on various variables, but on average, the industry charges between $12 and $16 per square foot.

Mike Brovant, the head of Wolfe Home and Building Movers’ sales and marketing team, believes relocating a house is not an impulsive choice but rather a long-term investment.

For Brovant, moving is not a simple matter of paying a few thousand dollars and being done with the process.

In terms of logistics and costs, it is usually half to seventy-five per cent more expensive than new construction of equal size, and in some instances, it may even be more expensive than a new build. For the components’ labour and transportation, estimates vary from $15,000 to $200,000.

To offer you an estimate, below are some of the factors a moving company would consider:


To get an estimate, it is necessary to know the square footage and the length and breadth of the building. Transporting a prefabricated home will cost you less than transporting an 8,000-square-foot old estate.

The Form And Structure

Moving a ranch-style home with many little spaces may be more expensive than moving a boxy, industrial-style three-story home because of the equipment required.

Patios that wrap around the house and elaborate chimneys (among other extras) raise the price of moving by both time and money. Furthermore, the building materials used to construct the house are degradable: brick, wood, and stone. No material is more costly or difficult to transport than another, yet they all have a role in the overall cost.

Effort And Effort

In other words, do not expect to see your favourite HGTV presenters doing any of the heavy lifting. Anyone looking to relocate their residence needs to enlist the services of a professional moving company.

This implies that you are paying for specialists who have years of expertise and the most up-to-date technology and machines (and solid high-premium insurance if anything goes wrong).

While some home-moving firms may provide an estimate based on supplied data, most need an on-site inspection to acquire this information before providing a price.

Is It Less Expensive To Construct A New Home Or Relocate An Existing One In Victoria?

It is essential to consider the financial and logistical implications of a home move before you start digging. As much as 50% of the cost may be saved by raising the home rather than constructing it on top of it.

Is It Possible To Move An Australian Brick House?

First, in Australia, Mammoth Movers specialises in transporting masonry constructions, whether built of brick, stone or concrete. It is possible to relocate a brick home for less than the cost of new construction by using structural moving methods.

Why Are Relocation Costs So High?

Two things are true about relocating: moving is time-consuming and costly. Moving is costly since it requires a lot of time and effort. Consider the logistics of relocating a family. Large goods might be difficult to move up and down stairs and around corners.

How Does The Process Go From Start To Finish When Transferring A Home?

A general contractor, an architect, and an engineer will all need to meet with the homeowner before work can begin. They will work together to develop a plan, secure the necessary permissions, and have the drawings done. Physical work may begin after obtaining the necessary permissions.

Crawlspaces will be cleaned and utilities disconnected by a general contractor on their arrival.

The general contractor is responsible for laying out the route. Moving day will arrive with a well-planned path that considers road widths and any impediments. They’ll also have made plans to cope with such obstacles.

This implies that the trees on the road will be pruned, traffic will be controlled, and utility poles and traffic lights will be relocated if required. They may have arranged for escort cars, depending on the distance. When building these arrangements, the contractor considers terrain quality and sharp edges.

Moving companies then arrive and begin raising the home and installing dollies before departing. They begin by drilling holes in the foundation and then putting in their lifting steel and jacks. This makes it seem like specialists are manoeuvring simple yet heavy equipment. It is up to the contractor to tell them the best way to get there.


Although moving is not the best option for everyone, there are certain advantages to doing so. A new, sturdy foundation, a raised floor to provide extra headroom, or the addition of a garage is all options for homeowners. For example, people may relocate their homes back to lessen road noise by preserving an ancient family house or historic building.

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