No ‘Ice’ing on My Car Please! De-Ice Your Vehicle Glass Like a Pro

Don’t we all just love the winters? Chilly weather, festive moods, hot chocolate and marshmallows, making snow-angels, the list really doesn’t end. But before you forget, with winter comes its woes. The initial happiness of welcoming winter soon wears off.

Winter also means frost-bite, having to shovel away the snow, and the hassle to de-ice the windscreen. Most car-owners and those who rent vehicles get frustrated during this time. Not everyone has the time and energy to sit and de-ice the windows and windscreens.

After all it is quite an exhaustive and intensive job to get down to. The point is to not get mad and instead calm down so you can find ways to get the job done quickly. Now finishing things up quickly doesn’t mean doing a bad job. It could also mean working smartly. And we have just the right hacks to de-ice the windscreen or the window of the car.

Get Covered:

That’s about the first tip you can take into the winter. You will agree with me that trying to open jammed doors and windows is no easy task. It takes a lot of time to de-ice them. Use a cover on your car to protect it from bitter weather conditions.

A cover will prevent ice from forming on the windscreen glass. It will also ensure that the windows and doors do not freeze. As for the wipers, you could put socks over them to keep them protected. Vinegar too prevents frost from forming.

Spray a little on the vehicle the night before or use it on ice to help it defrost quicker. You may have to put in a little extra effort by ensuring your vehicle is covered every night, before you go to sleep. But this little act will save you a whole lot of trouble.

Warm the windows:

Your vehicle has a window heater. Why not use this feature to your advantage? Turn on the window heater and it will gradually start warming up the ice. As the heat won’t be released all at once it won’t exert pressure on the glass. The heat will slowly melt the ice thus quickening the de-ice process for you.

Use lukewarm water:

We’re all familiar with the science experiment of pouring water over ice to melt it. However, the more important thing is using lukewarm water. Do not at any cost use hot water on the glass. This sudden extreme difference in temperature might cause the glass to shatter.

You don’t want to land up with the expense for replacement of the glass, do you? For that matter do not even use room temperature water as this freeze onto the existing ice on the car. You will then have even more ice to scrap off from the windscreen and windows.

De-ice with the scraper:

Visit a store and invest in a scraper that will help you get ice of the glass sooner. Do not try to substitute it by using a shovel or pointy object. This might only cause abrasions or worse still create need for complete replacement.

And you don’t want to take this risk since your insurance might not consider this as a reason to be repaid. So exercise caution when using a scraper. Use little force to get the ice of from the glass.

De-ice with this miracle working potion:

To help you de-ice the windscreen and windows efficiently and in a time-saving way, use this hack. Mix windscreen washer fluid along with some antifreeze. Pour some of this liquid on the area you want cleared up. This fluid will melt off some of the ice leaving very little ice for you to scrape off.

Anti-freeze spray:

You can buy these helpful little cans from any gas station. This comes in handy to help you ease off jammed doors and windows. The frost often freezes the locks, thus making it impossible for you to open doors and windows.

Of course you must remember to keep the spray outside so that it doesn’t get locked inside the car itself. Anti-freeze sprays are really helpful. They save you from having to break open doors and windows of your car. This way you don’t have to worry about whether these expenses borne will be repaid by insurance.

Hacks like these are bound to get you through the winter with ease. What you can also do is park your car in place that is likely to be hit by morning sunlight. The sunshine will automatically act on the ice and make the car ready for your use.

Now when you see the winter months approaching you know what to stock up on. Anti-freeze spray, scrapers, and a cover for your car are things you shouldn’t miss. These tips will get you through the winters without having much to de-ice or opt for glass replacement.

About the author:

Darren Pay heads A1Windscreens, known to offer services for car glass replacement. Offering you the premium quality and service for Car side window replacement, windscreen repair and replacement in Melbourne, is just up their alley.

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