Our Best First Date Advice for Guys and Ladies

So you’ve met a guy or girl that catches your fancy. It’s mutual. You find this person attractive and you’re going on a date. The first date can be fraught with anxiety. What should I wear? Will my date be disappointed and not ask me out again? Will she not want to go out with me again?

Will I be so nervous and blow my chances of a second date? The list goes on and on. Here, we present our best first date advice for both guys and you ladies on making that first date a success.

Perhaps our first bit of first date advice is the most important. Relax. Sure you want to make a good impression, but fretting over everything that might go wrong is counterproductive to having a good time. After all, if you find your date attractive enough to go out on a date, why worry and work yourself up into such a state that you almost certainly won’t have a good time?

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready, take a relaxing hot bath, meditate or whatever you find relaxing. Then, with a positive attitude and a relaxed body and mind, go out and have some fun!

Our second piece of first date advice vies with the first in importance. Be yourself. Although it seems to go without saying, many first dates are ruined by thinking that you need to adopt a different persona in order to impress your date with just how wonderful you are. Again, remember that your date already likes you! You’ve probably already had several conversations, resulting in this first date. If you’re relaxed, you’re also likely to be yourself.

What to wear? Women tend to belabour this issue more than men, but both do to some degree. Of course you want to look your best, but working yourself into a frenzy over your clothing won’t help you to be relaxed. Dress appropriate to the occasion. Look through your closet a day or two in advance, try on a few outfits and go with what you feel comfortable wearing.

Good hygiene may seem like another no-brainer for first date advice, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who gloss over this item. If you had garlic bread at lunch, munch on a little parsley and use some mouthwash! Shave, wash your hair, use a low-key aftershave or a lightly scented perfume

Although this first date advice item may seem to contradict our ‘be yourself’ admonition, it really should be thought of as preparation. Most people fear they won’t have anything to say, because they’ll be tongue-tied out of nervousness. Give a few minutes thought to your previous conversations, common interests and things you’d like to know about your date.

For example, you know he or she is hooked on reading. Think of questions you might ask about your date’s favorite reading materials. Just think of a few conversation starters. The rest of it will take care of itself. You’re just getting to know each other, so there should be plenty to talk about. Spontaneity is your friend.

Not every first date will turn into a second. Because you don’t know one another well, maybe what you learn on your first date will make it clear that the relationship isn’t going to go anywhere. So, expecting the unexpected is also good first date advice. Don’t expect the worst, just allow that you two may not click. Live and learn. It’s not the end of the world.

Our last piece of first date advice is mainly for the ladies, but also applies to guys, for different reasons. If you’re the lady and the guy turns out to be a real loser, be sure you have some ‘pin money’ should you need to call a taxi for a ride home. Guys should also have some cash or plastic to deal with the car breaking down or some such unexpected event.

So there you have it. Heeding our best first date advice pointers should help you make the most of this first date. Have a great time!

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