Outdoor Advertising: Why Is It Still Relevant for Your Brand?

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest advertising mediums that are still in existence. It is one of the most popular advertising mediums that help brands communicate with their potential customers in the easiest ways. What can be more powerful than an ad that can be experienced 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without any obstruction, promising to reach a specific audience? 

Scooter advertising in Melbourne is a highly popular form of advertising, promising desired marketing results. The other outdoor advertising includes mobile billboards, static billboards, walking billboards, minilites, signage, posters, and much more.

There are strong reasons why old-school advertising methods are still in existence. Top-tier companies like McDonald’s use billboards to direct hungry motorists off a highway to a specific location. There are many other companies leveraging strong benefits that outdoor advertising offers.

Here are the top benefits that define why the traditional form of advertising is still hot in the generation of digital advertising.

Outdoor advertising doesn’t require consumers to “opt-in” or actively choose to see it:

Advertising like television, radio, print, and the internet- all suffer from the fact that consumers can choose to skip the bulk of the media. With all forms of the advertising, viewers have to either be in front of the device, or have an option to skip the ad, and most of the customers choose to skip if that is not of their interest.

When consumers are spending 70% of their time outside their homes, it’s the ideal opportunity to present them with outdoor advertising. They might be going for their work or grocery shopping or for a movie or dinner- outdoor advertising like a scooter or mobile billboard will easily gaze their attention.

This advertising provides a platform for powerful messaging

One of the strong benefits that outdoor advertising offers is that some of the most powerful messaging can be achieved through this medium. One of the main contributors to this is the sheer size of outdoor advertising. With online or other forms of advertising like television, there is a constraint of visual spaces.

While with advertising, it is quite large, able to dominate the large visual spaces that easily catch consumers attention. Outdoor advertising allows for bold and simple messaging that is ideal for campaigns aimed towards brand reinforcement or getting a company’s name out there.

Outdoor advertisement creates more impact on customers to purchase the product

Unlike other advertising, outdoor advertising does not need to be sought out. Viewers have no control in any ads- they can not skip or turn off. Outdoor adverts are hard to ignore, and with visibly close and from a distance, the ads are often big, attractive, colourful showcases of a particular brand or business. The Human eye can easily remember something that is graphically attractive.

The brand owners can best use the platform and bring creativity into the picture. The expressive message and graphics displayed on outdoor ads tend to get more attention from potential customers, promising to turn viewers into buyers.

Variety of options & Flexibility

Outdoor advertising offers markets a wide variety of options along with flexibility in how they deliver their messages. Scooter billboard advertising, mobile billboards, static billboards, are some of the great OOH options to choose. The flexibility that the advertisers have with these is that they can choose the perfect place to display their messages.

Suppose, you are running a cafe on the highway, you can choose static billboards on the highway so motorists can easily notice that there is a cafe nearby. If you are promoting any product, you can use a mobile billboard which moves to different places of the busiest city and attracts the potential buyers. The flexibility that advertisers have in delivering their message is also an asset of outdoor advertising.

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