Questions to Ask Before Painting a Room

There’s more to painting a room than often meets the eye – Painting is one of the most cost effective ways to drastically enhance the appearance of your home. So if you’re looking to make some changes to the appearance of your home or business and don’t want to spend a fortune, painting is the way to go. We have written this post for those of you looking to find a painter that suits your needs.

Many people believe painting is a simple skill and because of this apparent ‘simplicity’ homeowners often overlook some very important, key aspects of what to look for in a painter – here are some things to consider.

What is the purpose of the room?

Paint can be applied in various ways, from decorative textures and effects, to features and different paint qualities. A room designed as a children’s play room should have a high quality, wash and wear finish to make cleaning as easy and stress free as possible, while a small bathroom should be painted in light colours to ensure light distribution, and increase the perceived size.

How much natural light enters the room?

This is one of the most overlooked components to take into account when choosing colours for your room(s). Ensure that you take this into account to prevent making rooms appear too small or too large once painted. In regard to pain effects, ensure that the desired texture or effect of not hit by direct sunlight as this can alter the appearance, particularly if gloss pains are used.

What mood do you want to create – playful, fresh, romantic, etc?

Mood is another important factor to take into account and is best discussed with a colour consultant (provided as part of the AMS service) A trained and experienced colour consultant will look at not only the colours you may select, and make suggestions as to the most appropriate, however how these colours are affected by the natural and artificial light within a given room.

Colour Scheme?

This ties back to the mood you are aiming to create, and can be bold, subtle or minimalist, depending on your particular room and taste in painting a room.

And the list goes on, however having a clear idea of what feel you want to have in the room will go a long way in choosing the right colours and effects. This is one reason having a painter who knows about colour, light, effects (a colour consultant) will be far more beneficial than a kid with a paintbrush.

What Painters Do

Colour consulting: Similar to an interior designer (at a tiny fraction of the cost), a colour consultant can help you to choose the right colours for your project. Having an idea of what you are looking for will help you here, however even if you have no idea at all, a skilled colour consultant can make any room look spectacular.

Interiors: Painting is the best, most cost effective way to make some incredible enhancements to your home. Whether you choose an elegant, understated scheme or a bold, playful, funky scheme, a skilled painter will make it a reality when painting a room.

Exteriors: It’s often best to keep the exterior colouring of your home a little more subtle to avoid offending your neighbours. That said, bold schemes are often very effective so long as the colour scheme you select is easy on the eye. Keep in mind that repainting the exterior of your home regularly will also go a long way in protecting your home from the elements.

Exterior Timber Treatments: Don’t leave this to the amateurs. Keeping timber looking its best is an ongoing challenge, and it is best not to let it get out of hand. A quality painter will be able to advise on the best varnishes, oils and finishes to ensure your exterior timber has a long and beautiful life. Ask your painter what finishes are best for your intended application.

Special finishes: Paint finishes are many and varied. Visit your local paint supplier for brochures and information on special finishes, however remember that while there are many many finishes your painter can provide, certain finished and effects are very difficult to repaint if you change your mind next year. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the options so make sure you keep in mind the long term effects, and remember that what is in fashion today, may be an expensive change in a few years time.

Paints & Effects

The types of paint you have to choose from are many and varied and it’s not an understatement to say there are new finishes, techniques and texture styles developed every week. From metallic, pastel, suede, pearl, washing, or marbling, to ragging, sponging, dragging, stenciling, lime washes, and even paints that are specifically formulated to be drawn on!

Your colour consultant is the best person to speak to about these effects when painting a room. Use with caution.

So What Do I look For in a Painter?

When looking for a painter, it is important that you take a few aspects of their work into account, and this is where you’ll often find using a company far more ‘user friendly’ than a sole trader.

1) Make your timeframe clear from day one. This will help the painter you choose define their own schedule and whether they can in fact complete the job by the time you need it done. I cannot stress this enough – be clear and concise with your painter;

2) Request a thorough quote for the job, with as much detail as possible in terms of the brand of paint, the amount of paint required and labour costs, how long the job is expected to take, any deposits that need to be made before commencement, any progress payments, and provide for the protection of surroundings and cleanup.

Working out all these things before commencing the project will save any potential problems later. As always, this painting a room information is provided at no charge and should be used with discretion, no matter whether you choose to use our services or those of another company, the information above is provided as information only.

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