What is Involved With Painting High Rise Building Using Abseiling Technique

Maintenance is necessary for all buildings no matter whether it is a single-story house or a tall building with more than 10 to 20 floors. In fact, regular maintenance of high rise office buildings is essential for many different reasons.

Office building maintenance is necessary for aesthetic purposes, to protect the building, prevent extensive wear & tear, and to ensure it creates a good impression. The added benefit having a building professional painted is that it helps increase the value of the building.

However, high rise buildings also pose a greater challenge when it comes to painting. There are several proven techniques available to access great heights, but it is also important to consider access hard to reach places at a great height especially since the new buildings tend to have a very creative and unique architecture.

Some of the popular techniques to access high rise buildings for painting includes making use of cranes, using a scaffolding technique or rope access technique. The rope access technique is also known as the abseiling technique and is one of the best methods to access great heights and has several applications like rope access for window cleaning, maintenance, inspection as well as painting. It is also one of the most economical one and one that causes the least disruption.

What is Abseiling?

Abseiling is a technique to access great height using a rope which is similar to the method used for the purpose of mountain climbing, snowboarder, skiers, downhill mountain biking, etc. People abseiling buildings for charity purposes are not unheard of.

This is a proven method that is highly economical, doesn’t require a great deal of equipment or block access to a building. It is also easy for those with special skills and is one of the best options when it comes to accessing hard to reach places.

Abseiling technique has many different applications like roof painting, high building painting, factories and warehouse painting, painting bridges and stadiums as well as houses.

How does it Work?

The way this works is by a rope is secured at the top and the skilled technician abseiling down. It is necessary to ensure the path down is free from major obstructions to prevent any unexpected accidents. The skilled technicians who will also possess expert painting skills will be attached to the rope. The process will involve leaning backwards and facing the building during the painting process.

The technicians will have the ability to control the descent with one hand and use their other hand for the purpose of painting. Abseiling technique is essentially safe since the technicians are highly skilled and have the necessary training. However, it is necessary to consider the weather conditions at great heights, since bad weather like storms, rain or heavy winds are not suitable conditions for this technique.

Factors to Consider for Abseiling Painting

  • Painting high rise buildings introduces several complex issues, hence it is best left to the professionals who are well trained and highly skilled to access high rise buildings.


  • A professional firm offering high rise painting using the abseiling technique will ensure there is no damage to the building and the painting job is of a high level.


  • Painting the exterior of a high rise building means being exposed to the weather conditions at great heights. Hence if the weather forecasts are not good and a storm is expected, it is necessary to avoid going ahead with the painting. High rise painting is also not possible in the case where there are heavy winds or rain or the temperature has dropped to very low level.


  • The main aim of painting a high rise building is to protect it and avoid expensive repairs. Hence the paint you select for this purpose should be of high quality. The colour should ideally match the surroundings as well.


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