Top 5 Places To Get Your Hands On Merbau Decking And How To Get It Done

Merbau is one of the most popular decking materials and is used by a large number of residences around Melbourne. It is an extremely durable material that is resistant to erosion and all harsh elements of nature. Besides being the top pick as a decking material, it has several other applications like flooring, stairways, building boats as well as outdoor furniture.

This is supplied by several hardware stores around Melbourne hence is easy to get your hands on. It is considered one of the premier decking materials in Australia and considered perfect for decking. It is a hardwood with typical properties like being reddish-brown in colour, durable, stable, sustainable, low maintenance and warm. This article lists some of the top few places to buy Merbau decking in Melbourne.

Top 5 Merbau Decking Suppliers


Uptons supplies a wide range of construction products for many different types of projects, including Merbau decking. They stock material for professionals as well as homeowners involved in DIY projects. They have stores all over Australia like in Hobart and Mornington in Tasmania, Epping in Victoria as well as Albury in New South Wales.

The types of products they stock include timber decking, flooring, material for general construction, landscape, the outdoors as well as many other timber products. They also stock many different types of windows & doors as well as other building material made from steel.


This is a timber flooring showroom that has been supplying decking material to customers to help them transform their home into something wonderful. they have a showroom that is open 7 days a week for customers who require material for hardwood flooring, engineered floors, parquetry, floating floors, etc.

They supply the full range of Australian timber species including Merbau decking, American Oak, French Oak, European Oak, etc. This is one place that has been supplying building material for more than 30 years. This is also a place where quality comes first and there are a large number of flooring options available to consumers.

Robot Building Supplies

This is a good place to shop for building supplies online. This includes material for roofing & rainwater, fencing, flat boards, as well as decking material.

Out Deco Living

This is a place that specializes in Merbau decking material. They are wholesaler as well as direct suppliers of Merbau decking in Melbourne. Besides this, they also supply many different types of products like bamboo fencing, cypress posts, paling fence packages and many more.

They are contactable at Campbellfield and Dandenong South. They offer products like Merbau decking, Merbau fences & panels, composite decking, decorative screens and more.

The Bunker

The Bunker has stores all over Australia and also supplies a wide range of construction material. The material they supply is fit for DIY projects as well as professional builders. It includes many different types of decking material like Merbau decking and many more.

How to Get it Done

Merbau is a beautiful, warm, reddish-brown wood that is available in many different natural colour variations. It is immune to termites, weathering and decay. This is one of the best material for decking and possesses a visual charm too. This tree grows up to 40 metres in height and a trunk diameter of 0.6 metres.

This type of decking requires low maintenance, is highly durable and long-lasting. It is also naturally resistant to insects and mould growth. There are many advantages of opting for this, which includes the fact that it is bushfire resistant, weather-resistant, highly aesthetic and easy to install.

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