Prepaid Funerals in Australia: What You Need To Know

There’s a growing trend for prepaid funerals in Australia. They can help your family and loved ones when the time comes, to avoid the extra burden of fees and planning. You can not only pay for your funeral, but plan it as well, according to your wishes.

Basics of funeral costs

There are two main components that will affect the total cost of a funeral, the burial fee and the funeral/burial service. The funeral service is the funeral itself and is the cost to you for a funeral director, priest or religious minister to perform the service.

The burial fee will depend on where the deceased is being buried. Most religious Australians have the funeral service at their home church or place of worship. For others, the family and friends normally meet at either the funeral company or in a cemetery, which is where the costs of the funeral service come in.

When planning a funeral, people typically think the following: Funeral home: The funeral home is an expensive one. While it may not be necessary to pay for the funeral home, if you are able, you can avoid paying for the funeral home and opt to direct your money to the services offered.

Most funeral homes also require that you hire a funeral director. Funeral directors can help you make plans and help you find a funeral home that is right for you. The funeral home is an expensive one.

Other incidental costs

Many articles about funeral costs don’t deal with costs for incidentals, such as catering or flowers, etc.

Newspaper notices
Death certificate
Orders of service
Funeral cars
Funeral flowers
Musicians and musical preferences
Powerpoint or slides of photographs
Thank you cards
Memorial book

The cost of a funeral is often the second or third biggest bill on a funeral director’s books, right after his or her salary.

What exactly is a prepaid funeral?

Prepaid funerals are paid for when you die. Rather than paying traditional fees for a funeral and burial plot, you’ll pay for funeral services only. This will help you avoid the financial stress of planning and paying for both. In addition, you’ll also receive a death certificate that will allow the funeral home to conduct the cremation or burial with minimal, if any, complications.

Because prepaid funerals allow you to avoid paying for traditional funeral plans, the funeral home offers fewer services, and if you have a difficult body to move or touch, there’s usually no pre-arrangement.

Your prepaid funeral may include things like name-bearing apparel, viewing of your body, or something as simple as supplying your flowers, even if you don’t like flowers.

Prepaid Funerals in Australia: What You Need To Know
Prepaid Funerals in Australia: What You Need To Know

Why is a prepaid funeral so beneficial?

For starters, it saves you from the costs that come with finding a funeral director, making funeral arrangements, and ultimately, the funeral itself. The best prepaid funeral packages offer basic arrangements, such as embalming, release forms, a death certificate, a burial plot, a casket, and a casket marker.

At the same time, you can choose between everything that’s described above. You can also choose the spot for the burial and dress your loved one’s remains for your funeral service. However, prepaid funeral plans don’t provide an opportunity to spend time with your loved one’s remains. And receive any special treatment, and they may have one common drawback that’s worth mentioning.

Things to know about prepaid funerals in Australia

You can’t put a price on your peace of mind, and for those who may not have a lot of money to plan a funeral, they make for a great option. People all over the world are opting for prepaid funeral services, according to relevant studies. That means you can pay for your funeral and have a plan for it – your family doesn’t have to agonise over how to pay for their loved one’s funeral.

Consumer magazines have noted that they’ve seen “a huge rise” in the number of prepaid funerals in recent years. The founder of a funeral company told the outlet, “We’re finding more and more people in the market who want the stress and worry out of their lives.” Other people in your position can use the help of a funeral home, funeral planner or friends to help with the costs.

How to get a prepaid funeral

Once you have determined what you are willing to spend on a funeral, now it’s time to plan. Try to find the most appropriate funeral home by finding a local funeral directors association. There, you can check out the rates and speak to someone in the field who can answer your questions.

You should never make any final decisions without the advice of a funeral director. This is a very emotional time, and they will understand and support you.

Normally, to plan prepaid funerals in Australia, you need to contact a funeral home or a funeral company. Once you meet with a representative from the company and fill in all the necessary details, you can start making payments and finalising your arrangements.

The company will give you a direct link or a mobile app, where you can make payments. They will send reminders to make final payment and confirm your final arrangements. When you place your prearranged funeral order, your family and friends won’t have to pay any significant sums towards the funeral.

Also, you may be asked to pay for a coffin and other necessities. If you pay using a funeral plan or in cash, these amounts will also have to be paid separately.

All about prepaid funerals and their costs
Floristry at a funeral


Prepaid funerals in Australia are a fantastic way to avoid the financial shock for your children, spouse or family when the time comes. If you decide to organise a prepaid funeral, make sure that you pay attention to all of the fees and charges.

If you do this, you can rest assured that your funeral will be carried out as planned, according to the wishes of the deceased.

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