Facing A Problem With Car Keys? 3 Reasons Why They Might Not Be Working Properly

Have you ever had one of those days where you are in a rush to head to a store and as you try to insert the keys or unlock the car, it is not working properly? Waiting outside of your locked car, you start to ponder upon what might be the reason for such misery.

While some may quickly find the right solution, others might still try and figure the root cause of the problem. When it comes to car keys, there are several uncommon reasons why they might not be working properly. To understand the exact reason why your car key has stopped working, it is important to learn about the type of key used and its performance problems. Most people opt for a car key replacement in Brisbane.

However, in this article, you can lay out the exact reasons why your car keys may have stopped working.

1) Damaged Car Lock

If your car key is not working when you attempt to unlock it, there is a possibility that the door lock itself is damaged. If the car lock is damaged, it might be because two of its components, the lock cylinder and the lock assembly, are completely broken. Here is how you can identify which part of the car lock is broken:

● Insert your car key and try to turn it in. If it turns without opening the lock, there is something wrong with the lock assembly.
● If you use a key fob to open a door, but the key will not open the same door, then the problem lies with the lock cylinder.

A car lock is also blocked from several miscellaneous elements such as dirt and debris. Extreme temperature can also cause the car door lock to freeze. If your car has been in a collision, there are chances that the sudden impact must have damaged the car lock. For damaged car door locks, you can reach out to a professional locksmith for assistance.

2) Damaged Key

A damaged car key is one of the major reasons why they might not be working in the first place. When thinking of a damaged car key, you may picture of a broken key. However, damaged car keys are not visibly broken. The grooves in a car key might be worn down. Due to the improper depth of such grooves, the car key will immediately reject the internal mechanisms of the lock or the ignition.

Since keys are a physical component, it is prone to wear and tear over time. Lack of attention and maintenance increases the probability of damaged keys. If your car keys are damaged, you will have to call a local locksmith to get a new one. Don’t duplicate your existing car keys as they will not help solve your present issue.

3) Faulty Ignition Cylinder

Your car keys are not just used to open the door locks, it is also the tool that works in conjunction with the ignition. Each car key is unique and doesn’t exist alone, meaning there is a lock or a mechanism that it is meant to function with.

If your car key is not working when inserted into the ignition, it does not mean that the key is damaged or faulty. It could even be a sign of major issues, such as damaged or faulty ignition car cylinders. Car is a moving mechanical component, which means that it is prone to wear and tear. Hence, a faulty ignition cylinder is no exception.

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