Reasons You Need A Strata Lawyer 

Strata complexes are something most people are familiar with. It might be that the apartment one is living in is a strata complex or the office building is a strata complex. The way a strata complex functions is that there are separate units or lots with multiple owners. An individual is the sole owner of the unit however the apartment or office building will also have several common spaces. This falls under strata law and has multiple owners. There are unique strata laws governing different strata complexes.

A strata property can be a residential apartment, retail place, shops with apartments on upper levels, as well as a resort. Strata property lawyers are highly professional and have the expertise to provide legal advice for drafting the strata by laws in Sydney as well as upholding them. They will also come to your rescue in case of a dispute and can help in many other ways as explained in this article. 

Common reasons to hire a strata lawyer

A property developer might require legal assistance from this type of lawyer since it is very different from building a freestanding house. Thus, builders might require the assistance of an experienced lawyer for working around the by-laws and dealing with any legal complications that might arise from that. They also play a vital role in making one aware of the legal responsibilities and obligations during the construction process of a strata complex.

The registration of a strata scheme is highly complicated and is best to leave this procedure in the safe hands of the expert lawyers.

Every strata complex will have a set of by-laws for the occupants to follow. It is necessary to contact an expert strata lawyer of assistance when drafting these laws. Some of the common issues addressed in these by-laws include dealing with excess noise, improper parking, offensive behaviour, etc.

In the case where the existing by-laws need amending, they are the best people to turn to.

Building defects and repair work can be conducted on individual units. When it comes to the shared sections of the building there are special strata laws in place on who pays for this and how to obtain permission for such work. They can provide legal assistance by referring to the strata plan and make it possible to conduct such repairs swiftly.

Strata properties will usually have rules and regulations to deal with a loud noise, bad behaviour and several other issues. Hence, it might be necessary to seek help from an expert lawyer to put a stop to such nuisances in the case where it is not possible to find a solution using other means.

Strata laws come into play in several cases like renovations of a balcony, permission to have pets, solar panels, smoking and many such common issues.

It is not uncommon for property owners to have to deal with building disputes and defects. Claiming compensation in the case of a strata property would require legal assistance from a such lawyers. 

Besides helping with by-law disputes and making or amending them, the strata lawyers can also help in the prevention of loss of rent and claim for damages. At times there might be requirements for litigation and dispute resolution in which hiring such a lawyer can be crucial. Contacting strata specialist lawyers who assure to provide a high-level service and specialist advice can make dealing with such matters a breeze. 

When it comes to enforcing the by-laws they can make that happen as well. This can also work out to be a more cost-effective method to deal with all your legal problems. A trained lawyer will also have the expertise to challenge evidence besides using their expert legal knowledge on strata laws. Hiring the best strata lawyer in Sydney for filing documents or drafting the strata laws yourself can result in delay or several legal issues in case of a mistake.

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