Ways to Rekindle Romance in Your Relationship

Looking for some relationship tips on perking up the passion in your relationship?

There are many ways to rekindle romance and turn boring relationship into a love relationship.

Ah, nothing beats those early days in a new relationship – especially if it’s the one relationship you’ve been waiting for forever.

That first flush, the excitement you feel every time you see that special someone, the thrill you get when you count down the minutes to seeing them again… it’s all rather overwhelming, isn’t it?

Of course as most of us realise, that first flush doesn’t last forever. No matter how much in love you are, it is all too easy for life to get in the way and for you and your partner to drift apart a little.

Even if you still love each other and you want to be together until the end of your days, you can still suffer from a lack of passion and romance in a relationship, if you are not careful.

Worry ye not though – there are plenty of ways to perk up that passion and inject some fresh romance into your relationship if it seems to have fizzled out of late.

And with that in mind, here are 5 sure ways to rekindle romance in your relationship:

1. What Makes Your Partner Happy?

Romance isn’t all flowers and chocolates.

It’s about making your partner happy.

Think back to those early days and make a mental note of all those little things that made a big difference.

Perhaps a soppy love note written in secret and tucked inside their lunchbox for them to discover at work.

Maybe they appreciate coming home to a nice hot bath filled with bubbles?

How about an offer to cook a special dinner for the two of you?

2. Recreate Your First Date

Okay, so not all first dates are romantic.

But if yours is worth recreating, why not do just that?

Book a table at the restaurant you dined at.

Head back to the cinema where you sat in the back row and giggled like teenagers and held hands.

Alternatively, rent the movie you saw together for the first time and watch it at home, complete with home popped popcorn.

What would work for you to rekindle romance in a relationship?

3. Enjoy a Massage Together

There doesn’t have to be any pressure to have sex (although often times that’s exactly what it will lead to!).

Just break out a bottle of your favourite massage oil and treat your partner to an all over massage.

It’s the perfect way to relax on a Saturday evening when you can enjoy a lie in the next day.

4. Treat Your Partner to Breakfast in Bed

Imagine waking up and finding that breakfast has been freshly prepared and is waiting for you on a breakfast tray with a nice fresh coffee. This is one of the best ways to rekindle romance by making your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Few people could resist this and with a couple of nice touches such as a favourite flower and perhaps another one of those little hidden love notes, you can take a nice breakfast to an even nicer level.

5. Other Ways to Rekindle Romance

Once you start thinking along the right lines you can easily find lots of ways to rekindle that romance.

Quite often it is the little things that make all the difference when you rekindle romance, so don’t worry if you are on a strict budget or you feel you cannot afford the finer things in life.

A romantic stroll in a nearby park and a picnic on a summer’s day – these can be all you need to enjoy each other’s company and get back to basics again.

How many other approaches can you think of that would thrill your partner and perk up the passion and closeness between you once again?

Start making a list and tick them off gradually – that’s the best bit of all!

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