7 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Renovate Your Kitchen in Melbourne

When people plan to renovate their house, majority of them select their kitchen as it is the place where people spend most of their time- for food (obviously), planning special lunches and dinner events. Everyone has an idea of their dream kitchen but are usually confused on where to start. Many experts recommend hiring professional help before undertaking the project of a kitchen renovation.

Before you make any decision, it is best to have an idea of what your kitchen designs will look like; people usually source their inspiration from applications like Pinterest, Architectural Digest and many interior designing websites. These platforms come handy for people looking for some ideas.

Before you start renovating your kitchen in Melbourne, consider these seven essential things; these things will not only save you from getting overwhelmed in the whole process but will also help you in guiding you through the process. Read on:

Know your budget (or best, figure out your budget)

Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is the most expensive room when it comes to renovation. From the myriad of labours (like plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc.), materials, and the amount of time put into the work- a lot of things are involved when renovating this small space. Many experts advise following a rule of thumb, i.e. to invest approximately 10 per cent of the overall value of the home. Many things go into the making of the kitchen, considering even the smallest custom details.

For instance, custom cabinets can cost you somewhere around $50,000. Be very transparent of your budget and needs; figure out what you can afford and what you require in your kitchen. Inspirations are good but knowing what you need is the most critical aspect of a kitchen renovation.

Know your lifestyle (simply put, your daily routine)

It is about how you want your kitchen to function. Do you want a long pathway of dining area attached to your kitchen to entertain your kitchen? Do you prefer natural light or want to have white light surround every corner of the walls? What do you use the most? These are some of the most fundamental questions, you should ask yourself, or any interior designer would discuss with you before they start renovating your kitchen.

Know if you need an interior designer (or can’t live without one!)

Interior designers could be of real help as they help you see the bigger picture. For starters, they can help you in planning out the new layout and determining even the smallest details like where all the electrical wiring would go.

They analyse many aspects like the kitchen’s layout and can be adjusted and customised as per your requirements. Whether you decide to have an interior designer or not, one basic rule should be- your kitchen should be functional and elegant.

Know the timeframe (or else, you’d be stuck in an endless loop of choosing the designs and revising them)

Have a realistic set of time frame. Don’t expect your renovation to be finished in just a few days. Your designer and contractor will discuss the timeframe and will give you a deadline for completing the job. Pro-tip: be prepared for the job as it is going to take longer than you originally planned for.

Know the kind of appliances you need (they are costly, invest in one, which you need)

Start with the basics, check their prices and get the best you can afford. You can opt for ‘built-in’ appliances from the beginning like steam ovens, built-in coffee makers and even wine fridges. One can even incorporate an entertainment appliance as a relaxing space.

Don’t make unnecessary budget cuts (invest wisely)

You think you can save money by keeping the existing windows, plumbing, lighting etc. but take the advice of the designer and contractor if they are worth keeping. It can cost more money to work around an old piece of furniture. Sometimes, when you cut the budget, it leads to more expensive and unnecessary issues in the future.

Don’t throw (but donate)

When you decide to change your cabinets, appliances, fixtures like taps and sinks (if they are in good condition), consider donating them. Ask your friends, neighbours or someone you know, don’t throw them away.

A newly renovated kitchen or bathroom in Melbourne, adds value to your overall home. But before you nod your head to the renovation, consider these points before you embark your journey on creating a new kitchen.

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