5 Retaining Wall Alternatives For Your Backyard Landscaping

The primary function of retaining walls is to stabilise slopes and holding soil. So if you have sloping property chances are you have to deal with in some way. However, how you deal with slopes depends on the type of earth (rock, soil, etc.) and how steep the slope. Your walls are going to be the focal point of your property, so make sure you crack the best deal. While retaining walls are a common option to deal with it, there are many alternative options for retaining wall ideas that you can consider.

Take a look at these top 5 wall panel and post retaining ideas:

Reinforced Soil Slopes

Reinforced soil slopes are a quick and easy construction style that uses a geotextile, such as polyethylene or polypropylene, to lock existing soil into place to create reinforced mass. Due to the flexibility of the geotextile used in creating such a structure, reinforced soil slopes are able to withstand larger settlements and movement triggered by earthquakes.


  • Reinforced soil slopes are the most cost-effective retaining walls alternative as more often you do not need to bring any additional soil as you are using the soil that already has.
  • You can adapt the method in a wide range of situations.
  • The beauty and natural appearance of your land can be preserved when reinforced soil slopes are used.

Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone walls are one great alternative to retaining walls. Most often you have seen natural stones in raised gardens, but they are also used as retaining wall alternatives as a barrier to prevent landslides, along coastlines to prevent landfalls and protect the coast from high tide. In some cases, the natural stone walls are also used for seating when large enough rock slabs can be found to create seats.


    • Natural stones easily blend with the soil and the surroundings.
    • When placed near gardens, they are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.
    • There are numerous types and colours of stones to choose from.
    You can make your wall look formal (mortared) or as informal (dry stacked).

Wooden Timbers

Wooden timbers and railroad tiles are popular alternatives to retaining walls. Wooden timber option is especially useful for building raised flower or garden beds and in terracing hillsides. Wooden as its popularity and natural shine provide a natural look and longevity to a landscape’s design.


  • Wooden timbers come in a wide variety of grains, colours, and appearance that there is something to please every decorating taste.
  • Wooden is environmentally friendly. In fact, wood is the only carbon-neutral construction material.
  • Wooden structures not only absorb, but they also store atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Gabion Walls

Gabion walls are other alternatives to retaining walls that use cages filled with rock, stone or sand to allow for the free flow of water down the slope while providing support for the slope itself. These cages are wired together and placed in a manner so that they are angled back into the slope and not stacked vertically.


  • Gabion walls allow the free flow of water down a slope.
  • Most gabion walls do not need a concrete foundation.
  • The cages come in a variety of sizes, allowing the ultimate flexibility in construction.

Soil Bioengineered Walls

This method is relatively new in the market of landscape and features living materials as part of their construction. In this alternative retaining walls method, cut branches are paired with either geotextile or rocks to provide immediate support that will grow into the soil. As the vegetable grows, the paired pattern will become strong- providing natural covering and texture to the wall. Soil bioengineered wall alternative is used most often to help protect and restore sensitive watersheds.


  • The option is both economical as well as practical.
  • Walls that are properly composted have been shown to improve soil workability and while enhancing the native plant communities.
  • By this method, you are helping to improve both the air and the water in your immediate environment.

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