Here’s How the Right SEO Package Helps to Improve Your Blogs’ SEO

Today everyone knows that blogging plays a crucial role in providing a business with lots of SEO benefits in terms of driving more traffic and ultimately sales! But, if nobody reads your blog posts, how would it be possible to generate that traffic?  

While almost every business owns a blog these days, very few can fully capitalise on it. Helping your blog posts obtain higher rankings in search results is not only a time-consuming task but a tricky one as well.

Fortunately, choosing the right SEO package can help you accomplish this goal. If your business is based in Sydney, it would be best to choose an appropriate SEO package that is offered by a reputed agency in this city. Doing this will help to optimise your blog posts, helping you improve the organic traffic and visibility of your site! Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of blogging.

Key methods

Here are the key ways through which blogging helps to improve your site’s overall SEO:

You can include long-tail keywords in the blog posts and obtain backlinks – both of which will help you get higher rankings in search results.

When you help your target audience by answering their questions, it will showcase your expertise, helping you become an authority in your niche.

When people read your posts to find answers to their questions, it increases your site’s user engagement.

If you can post informative, high-value pieces of content regularly, it will lower the bounce rate.

However, there’s one thing you must keep in mind when creating blog posts – never write only for search engines, overlooking your readers, as it won’t help you get any SEO value.

Essential SEO strategies to optimise your blog posts

Before delving deeper into the strategies, keep in mind that it’s important to post consistently regardless of your blogging frequency. It will help your readers understand when they can expect content from you.

While a good SEO packages Australia can implement many strategies to improve your posts’ SEO, here are the top six among them.

Proper inclusion of keywords: Many website owners believe that they can incorporate as many keywords as they can in their posts and rank higher in search results. In reality, it hurts their SEO as this is considered keyword stuffing by search engines. By opting for an SEO package, you can expect to have your targeted keywords incorporated in the posts naturally, which increases your visitors’ reading experience. The package will also most likely focus on incorporating long-tail keywords in the posts. 

These longer keywords are strategically used to keep a post focused on answering certain questions of the audience. For instance, consider the short keyword “margarita” and the long-tail keyword “how to make a margarita”. The latter will help you get much more SEO value than the former. This is because users searching for the longer keyword will be more likely to go through the entire post and try to learn more about it from you.

Adding images and videos to the posts: While engaging pieces of content stand a chance to get higher rankings, the inclusion of videos and images heavily increases it. However, there’s a common mistake frequently done by many site owners. They simply copy images from whatever site they feel like and start using them on their own sites. 

Remember, if you do this without obtaining appropriate permission, you might get into legal trouble. But only using royalty-free images or photographs taken by you aren’t going to help you earn any SEO value. The images need to be optimised for that. To help an image rank in the SERP, you need to add “alt text” to it.

The alt text of an image helps search engines to understand what the image is all about. When adding alt text to an image, it’s also important to write something descriptive and more accurate about it to help the search engines understand whether or not it’s related to the post’s topic. Converting the posts into videos is another useful way to improve their SEO. However, the incorporation of videos requires good technical expertise. For example, you should never host or upload videos on your WordPress site. Instead, you should upload it on a third-party site first and embed it in the posts. 

While these processes may sound a bit difficult, all of them will most likely be included in the right SEO package you opt for, to help you focus on your core business.

Optimisation of title tags: Title tags are usually the first thing people will see when they find the posts in search results. In the SERPs, the titles of the results are called title tags. Since title tags help your readers and the search engines determine the relevancy of your posts, the inclusion of your focus keyword here is crucial. 

In case you’ve got a long title tag, the keyword should be incorporated within the first 60 characters so that it’s displayed in search results. Note that in some cases, both the title tag and headline of a post remain exactly the same while in some other cases, they become different. 

The most common reason behind this is shorter title tags can be read quickly and when it comes to the actual posts, more descriptive headlines help to get SEO value. Title tags represent your posts and hence, they have to be related to the actual content and able to grab the visitors’ attention. 

While it may seem complicated to optimise title tags they can act as a game-changer when done right! Therefore, make sure that the SEO package you choose takes care of this.

Creating optimised meta descriptions: Both your readers and the search engines receive information about your posts’ content from their meta descriptions. A perfectly optimised meta description needs to be descriptive and clear and contain the primary keyword.

Making the blog mobile-friendly: Mobile-friendly results are displayed by the search engines first and hence, your blog has to be optimised for mobiles to get higher rankings. To make your blog mobile-friendly, there are several tactics that might be included in your chosen SEO package. From creating short titles and paragraphs and using small and simple words to using a responsive design – a lot of tweaks can be made to make your content mobile-friendly.

Making the posts easier to read: Search engines consider readability as a crucial ranking factor. Posts that can be read easily tend to get higher rankings than posts having low readability. Remember, your readers will take an extremely short time to decide whether or not they will stay on your page. 

If your posts appear with high readability, you stand a chance to have better user engagement and thus, more SEO value. Readability can be improved by using bulleted lists, shorter paragraphs, smaller sentences, headings, and punctuation. If you can choose an all-in-one SEO package, readability issues will most likely get analysed and fixed.

Here’s the deal

While a good SEO package can help you with all the above aspects and more, you also need to ensure that your posts are long-form ones! And remember, discussing a lot of things without going into detail won’t be of much help. Your posts have to be comprehensive to become actually valuable and informative. Ideally, when creating a post, you should concentrate on a few major points relevant to the topic and write about them in detail. The post will automatically stand a chance to rank better in search results!

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