Skin and Body Treatments for Men to Have in 2020

I was inspired to write this by a question I had earlier. Men are having treatments done these days and i say ‘these days’ as i still get asked like we are living in the dark ages! It should not be an embarrassment or something that needs to be kept hush hush.

Treatments are not only for the female gender, and there is nothing wrong with a man being groomed and taking care of himself. It doesn’t take away a mans masculinity, however shows that he also cares about his skin. This is for all the men out there!


This is a deep exfoliative treatment using a small vacuum suction that blasts out hard crystals on the skin. It helps to smooth and get rid of dead skin cells. It is a salon/clinic treatment and can be done as a once off treatment, or a course can be done for longer lasting results.

Very good for oily, blemished, congested and beard area. I am a fan of the medical microdermabrasion as there are different methods out there, this one is quite abrasive and more suitable i feel for a man. It doesn’t feel like you having loads of creams on your face however gives a slightly ruff,clean feel.


Yes it is being done, whether it be the brows especially the mono brow look (hair that joins both brows together in the middle),back, chest, abs, legs, feet, toes and other areas! This is a good method before holidays or as a general maintenance as it gives temporary removal of hair.

Men can feel quite embarrassed if they have all lot of body hair so who can blame them from wanting to get rid. This can be handy for going on holiday especially in hot climates where the body hair will only add more heat and discomfort.

Body scrub/exfoliation on the back

These skin and body treatments for men is very good if you suffer from spots and breakouts. It is an area that can sweat all lot so pores can get blocked which may cause spots and blemishes. A hard to reach area by yourself so an in salon treatment may be a good way to help.


You probably don’t use as many products as us ladies so a good facial maybe what you need. Products will normally have little or no fragrance for men so you wont leave smelling of lotions and potions.

This favourite of my skin and body treatments for men will normally include a cleanse, exfoliation, extraction (good for blackheads and blocked pores), face steam, masque, face massage and moisturiser.

Deep tissue massage/Back, neck and shoulder massage

Who doesn’t like to relieve stress and tension in their shoulders. A good firm massage can be all you need after a hard week at work or a stressful time. A good masseur should ask you if you have any particular area’s of concern, and work more so on those area’s.

This is normally in the shoulders as we hold all lot of stress there. Posture can be blamed for this, and also sitting at a desk for long periods of time can cause back ache.

Sports massage

Often this is a deeper massage that can target specific areas of concern. It is very good if you are quite active and play all lot of sports. Generally this is a very firm massage, so may feel a little intense.

Laser hair removal/IPL

Why not get the hair removed once and for all. like with waxing it can be very embarrassing to be covered in hair so why not have it removed on a more permanent basis. (Always go to a reputable salon/clinic for these specialised services)


There are now tailored manicures for men that work more on cleaning up the cuticle area, including getting rid of dead skin around the nails. Nails are cut and shaped straight across to make them look clean and tidy.


(facial for the back) or Back treatment- Do you have congested, spotty, blemished skin? Then this is for you! Often this will be a cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extraction, masque, and massage. very relaxing and leaves you feeling, smooth, clean and fresh!

This treatment may have different names however if you describe what kind of treatment you want most places should be able to accommodate.


A good Soak of the feet, get rid of dead hardened skin on heels/ balls of the feet and clean up the cuticles. Now i know some of you could do with this one here!

Spray tans

A very good option rather than going on a sun tan bed and letting a professional do it, will ensure it is applied in an all over even colour. Be sure to bring some shorts or a pair of trunks!

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