Split Systems: What You Should Know Before Buying One

Scorching heat and rising temperature can make summers a nightmare, but you can combat this with a good air conditioning system. The Air Conditioner is a spectacular appliance used at our homes on a daily basis. The job of this machine is to simply take heat from the room and throw it outside. It cools the space easily giving you a desired temperature. The market has so many options.

If you are planning to install an air conditioning system in your house, then can choose from the following varieties:

  1. Window AC
  2. Split system
  3. Tower AC
  4. Portable air conditioners
  5. HVAC system

Split systems are the most efficient and widely used variant compared to the rests. These have become very popular, and you can find them in most houses and some commercial spaces.

The best part about the split system is that they are wall-mounted, so they don’t take up the extra ground space. They also look very stylish and sleek. The following tips are going to help you make a concrete decision.

The Search Rush for the perfect match:

Before you actually make a purchase you have consider many things about the machine that is made just for you. The requirements that you have can be fulfilled by only specific type of system and hence take care precaution when you it.

The factor to look for are mentioned below:

Know the options:

The first thing that you must know when you start to search for the best AC for your place is to explore the types of ACs. Different brands have their range of the split system, and these are:

  • Single room split systems
  • Wall mounted split systems
  • Multi-head Split systems
  • In-ceiling cassette systems

You can assess your need and based on that make a final choice of the item you need.

The capacity:

The next important factor is the capacity of the split system. The ton or the capacity of the air conditioners defines its efficacy. Also, you must choose the right capacity AC based on room size. Sitting down with a smaller-capacity air conditioner for a larger room will give you inefficient cooling and will put more pressure on the air conditioning system. Hence you must be careful with it. You can refer to the following table:

Room Size Capacity
150 square feet 1 ton AC
Up to 250 square feet 1.5 ton AC
Up to 400 2 ton AC

In case you need more clarification, you can also contact the seller, and they will recommend the right capacity AC for your room.


While using the split system may give you cool air and keep your room at a comfortable temperature, but it also triggers higher electricity bills. To save on this, you can invest in buying an energy-efficacy air conditioning system. You can buy a 3-star rating or a 5-star rating air conditioning system. Moreover, nowadays, you can find inverter AC. These are designed to suit the changing requirements and thus help you save on your electricity bill.

Additional features:

Today, the split system manufacturing companies are giving you umpteen options to explore. You can check out features like air purification, self-cleaning, temperature contour, 3-D cooling and much more. Remember, the more the number of features, the more will be the air conditioning system’s cost. So, you must assess your requirement and budget before purchasing the AC.

Compare the rates:

By now, you know what some of the key factors that you must consider when buying a split system are. Your next step should be to compare the rates offered by different companies. Don’t miss out to check the features and finally decide which split system will be the best one for you.

A good air conditioning system has become a necessity. Split systems are easy to install, offer effective cooling, and easily sync with the room’s interior. But you must also look after its maintenance and servicing. Regular servicing enhances its efficiency and increases the air conditioning system’s longevity.

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