A Comprehensive Stepwise Guide to Roofing Repairs

Among many other signs of roofing damage, discovering a fresh water stain on the ceiling may be considered as the first signs of leak on the roof by most homeowners. A simple leak or a fallen branch of tree does not always mean extreme damage and may be repaired by replacing few shingles or the flashing.

However, roofing repairs are often overlooked issues and if remain unaddressed for long, may cost thousands of dollars.

This Article Explores a Few Reasons That Lead to Roof Repairing:

Repairs due to leakages

An important reason for roofing repairs are leakages that crop up from the joints in the roof. Joints and junctions are very common if it is a sloping roof. The breakage of roof tiles is another reason for leakage and happens usually due to normal wear and tear.

Apart from this, harsh weather conditions are also sometimes responsible for tiles damage. In case of flat roofs, leakages may surface due to low quality workmanship or due to cracks in the concrete.

Repairs due to damages

In case of roofs made out of sheets of asbestos cement, leakages may happen due to loose joints over time and due to the impact of wind. Joints also get loose if the connecting screws get loose or rusted over time.

Another reason for leakage is due to poor maintenance of the roof tiles. Damaged roof tiles give way to water that seep through and accumulate under the tiles and eventually dampen the beams and ceilings creating great damage and making roofing repairs costlier.

There Are a Number of Tips for Making the Process Smooth, Such As:

Shingles installation

Exposure to sun’s heat causes the shingles to expand and the nails pop out that might cause aperture. Care must be taken that the nails are securely embedded into the sheathing while installing the shingles.

Also, in case of sloped roof, layering of these shingles should be done from bottom to upward direction. This is done so that the top set overlaps with the bottom set to ensure the roof is well protected from leakages.

Sheathing repair

Sheathing or laying of a base is an important step in roofing repairs right after cleaning the dirt layer and reframing of the roof. The standard sheathing material is a half inch by eight foot long plywood. This is secured in place by cutting it to the desired size and nailing it to the rafters on the roof.

The sheathing is often arranged in a staggered brick pattern for added strength. Sheathing sections are cut into smaller sections because eight foot long pieces are rendered unstable in the middle areas.

Laying of felt paper

Laying of felt paper for roofing repairs is done from bottom to top by nailing a 6 inch long starter strip, followed by laying and nailing the remaining felt strips with two inches overlap. For maximum hold, a tar strip is also nailed on each felt strip.

The cost involved in repair of a roof is not completely unaffordable, however, hugely depends on factors such as the extent of damage, site of the project and the availability of resources and repairing services. Most homeowners prefer to save money by handling small repairs works themselves but this may not serve long term benefits.

It is advisable to get professional roofing repairs services as they can provide experienced workmanship to ensure the leak or damage is fixed properly as well as warranty for the service provided. It is a fact that residential roof repair works are expensive but the cost of replacing the roof due to neglected and long due repairs can cost a fortune.

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