The Beauty and Practicality of Bench Seating

Nowadays, most bench seating is made-to–measure from computerised cutting lists, so whatever the size or shape of your venue you can choose from the full range of our bench seating designs, finishes and coverings, including soft fabrics, faux and real leather. Selecting from our range of wood finishes and veneers will add a personalised touch to your choice of bench seating.

Bench seating can be used for a wide range of customers at a variety of locations, from restaurants and nightclubs to homes. All bench seating comes with a 10 years’ frame guarantee. In addition, luxury and standard bench seating both come with a market-leading 10 year guarantee as well. So whether your choice is for economy bench seating or ultimate comfort bench seating, all bench seating options are built to last and are available.

Bench Seating Choices

It’s easy to find the best bench seating choice for you: just click on the bench seating you want from the ranges below. All bench seating can be made with any end panel or back panel you want. Discover the huge number of fabric, wood and finish options available from extensive bench seating accessories range.

Booth Bench Seating

Booth bench seating is available in any size or shape you want. High back bench seating with luxurious fabric options is perfect when you want booth bench seating that is both cosy and comfortable. Or choose low back bench seating when you want easy access booth bench seating for busy high street diners and restaurants.

Whatever style or shape of booth bench seating is required, from upholstered bench seating to the eye-catching looks of wood and fabric Asia bench seating, choose booth bench seating.

Curved Bench Seating

When you want curved bench seating to create intimate or family island seating, or gently curved bench seating to produce a more open feel, can manufacture curved bench seating in any shape, size or arrangement to give your venue its own style. Your location is unique, and that’s why choosing curved bench seating from seating experts, is the ideal choice for you. Take advantage of expertise to get the right curved bench seating for your location.

Upholstered Bench Seating

Whether you want fluted back bench seating for your restaurant seating or contemporary cylinder seating for stylish nightclub seating or club furniture, upholstered bench seating can be made to measure in any size and configuration. With an unrivalled range of fabric and finish options, choosing upholstered bench seating for will give you the bench seating style you have always wanted, and your customers the most comfortable upholstered bench seating available.

Modular Seating

Modular seating is designed for any area, in any size and shape you want. make modular seating for every location, including reception areas, offices, bars, restaurants, clubs, libraries and schools.

Wherever superior quality modular seating is needed, provides you with the best quality bench seating designed and built to your exact specifications. modular seating can be as big or as small as you want it to be. It’s modular seating construction is so flexible you can have bench seating wherever you want.

Nightclub Bench Seating

From contemporary cool to luxurious extravagance, only nightclub bench seating gives you such a wide choice. Nightclub bench seating can be made to match any mood or theme you want.

Choosing the right club furniture is vital for any club, and nightclub bench seating can help create the mood and ambiance that will give you the success you want. Working alone or alongside your design team, designers can create the nightclub bench seating that realises your ideas perfectly.

Restaurant Bench Seating

For fine dining restaurants to the busiest of high street diners, restaurant bench seating options allow you to make the most of your seating capacity with the highest quality best value restaurant bench seating available.

Restaurant bench seating is made to order to ensure you have the most attractive and comfortable restaurant furniture and bench seating possible. Let your imagination loose and can make restaurant bench seating in any style, shape and size you want.

Speciality Bench Seating

When you need speciality bench seating, whether it’s for themed customer seating or you want your bench seating to look truly stunning, contacting speciality bench seating experts is the right choice. And when you need custom made bench seating to fit around pillars and corners, or to fit alcoves and protrusions, you can rely on speciality bench seating expertise. Speciality bench seating from is a made to measure bench seating service that is as adaptable as you need it to be.

Bay Bench Seating

Bay bench seating offers you unlimited flexibility for your restaurant, diner, bar or club bench seating needs. Maintain a consistent theme with bay bench seating with matching bench seating fabric and finish options, or create diverse seating zones with a mix or bay bench seating styles. bay bench seating experts can manufacture bay seating with curved or straight modular bench seats in any dimensions you want.

You can even customise your bay bench seating by choosing from a wide range of plain, fluted or cylinder bench seating back options.

Asia Bench Seating

Asia bench seating from a bar furniture range offers contemporary styling with traditional hand built quality. Asia bench seating is made from a range of wooden bench seating options and bench seating fabrics blended together in a stunning Japanese aesthetic.

Asia bench seating’s simplicity of style and lines is ideal when you want the understated appeal of noodle or sushi bar furniture. No matter what the cuisine, Asia bench seating from bench seating range provides the perfect complement you have been looking for.

Window Bench Seat

A made to measure window seat is the ultimate addition to any room’s seating. Combining space saving and style, a window seat from is custom made to fit any shape or style of window. From urban style loft living to traditional country cottage, can make the perfect window seat for your home and lifestyle. Any theme or period, from minimalist window seat simplicity to elaborate Elizabethan style window seat splendour can be yours, when you choose the superior design and quality of a window seat for your home.

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