Smart Ways to Cure Insomnia and Sleep Better

Insomnia simply means headaches falling asleep. Some people have this sleeping problem chronically, while others do not have it too often. The chronic kind is more often than not characterised by a new medical condition. This type will go on without end unless the medical quandary can be brought below control or resolved with ways to cure Insomnia.

The acute or transient type of insomnia is a temporary condition which is due to high stress levels in a person’s life. Insomnia in this form is usually short-term and will disappear when life situations become resolved. Both insomnia types are due to psychological factors or environmental surroundings.

People may have insomnia because:

1. They have a very stressful life at work, at home or both.

2. They are alcoholics and going through withdrawal periods.

3. They are grieving over loss of a loved one.

4. The conditions for sleeping are those that make it hard to sleep. For instance, the temperature is too cold or too warm, the mattress is not firm enough, or the bed is not comfortable.

5. Medical conditions such as diabetic neuropathies may make getting any type of sleep very difficult. Neuropathy is often very painful and can greatly disturb a person’s sleeping ability.

6. A move from one place to another. For instance, if a person moves from a place with low altitude to high altitude, the sleeping patterns will become very disturbed until they are used to it. This is usually a case where a person has transient insomnia. Ways To Cure Insomnia

7. Breathing problems of any type will make it very difficult for a person to sleep, or if a person has sleep apnea.

8. Some medicines will not allow sleeping to come easily. Some types of hypertensive drugs, or other drugs that treat depression will actually cause more wakefulness.

Ways you can cure Insomnia

There are things available that doctors can do to help you get better sleep. First though, they will need to dig and get to the bottom of what your problems are. Before seeking medical advice, you might try some of these ways to cure Insomnia:

1. Chamomile tea often helps induce sleep. Have some with milk. When milk is warm, it tends to create relaxation.

2. Try some good exercises around four hours or so before bed.

3. Read a book until you are too tired to read anymore.

4. Some people cannot handle caffeine before bedtime hours. Try to not drink any caffeine at least 4 hours or more before sleep time. If the above don’t really work, then medical intervention may help. One of the first things a doctor or sleep specialist will probably do, is hand you a diary that is made for tracking sleep, and all of your daily activities which may or may not play a role in your lack of sleep.

This is much more advanced then a diary in that it will provide the treating doctor with what your day is like as far as how active you are, etc. This is something that is worn just like a watch. Once your underlying cause(s) are revealed, then an effective treatment may be used.

Doctors can give you sedatives for a time in conjunction with some recommendations of how to get some behavioral therapies. If your problems are neuropathies, the appropriate pain drugs may be prescribed to help alleviate painful nightly episodes.

People that are not sleeping due to deep depression, will likely be given an antidepressant drug that will help them to cope with their daily problems in life, and is effective ways to cure Insomnia. Forms of meditation, support groups, and counselling can also help with depression related problems causing sleep deprivation.

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