What to Wear When Going Hunting

As risky and challenging it may sound, hunting is also enjoyable and thrilling. When going for hunting, it is important to choose the right tool like the appropriate rifle and guns when hunting. Do you know, different animal hunting requires different tools?

When choosing the ‘one’ hunting clothing, before experimenting, it is advisable to opt for the traditional hunting attire as it is the safest hunting outfit, makes one look smart and is also comfortable. Different hunting calls for different types of the outfit- the clothing you wear for deer hunting is different from what you wear for boar hunting.

Often, people are confused as to what one wears for pig hunting or cod hunting- All your answers lie here: 

Things to know about hunting clothing:

The best advice while hunting is to blend in with the landscape, i.e camouflage, it is to ensure that you mix in with nature for a successful purpose of the action. While choosing the shirt for hunting, make sure that it is comfortable, has muted colours or matches with the type of hunting.

The material should be of high-quality, durable, heat and water-resistant and in accordance with nature. 

On that basis, you can choose your clothes as per your landscape. If you are going to a forest then the dark green colour camouflage pattern is the most appropriate choice, for desert, choosing the colour, tan brown or brown should be the ideal pattern. For fishing, one can also get your shirts for hunting customised while going out for fishing. 

Choosing the right hunting boots 

It is the most essential thing while you plan to go hunting. It keeps you safe, comfortable and protects one against the unpredictability of the weather conditions. Every shoe is different, one thing that should remain constant is: 

It should be waterproof: – Waterproof boots protect the feet from getting cold during rains, or while walking on wet surfaces.


Materials:-The materials used in making are gore-tex, nylon mesh, and closed-cell foam that bring quality and durability at an affordable price. 


Sole and facing: – Sole supports the shoe and assists in carrying the weight, the thick sole supports the ankle and knee during exertion of the walk. 

Lacing: – It is recommended to have boots that are laced, as it firms the grip of the shoe. Thigh-high boots provide more firmness while walking and lacing up high gives more flexibility. 

Size and weight: – Get the type of shoes that are appropriate in size and match the type of hunting. The right boot won’t just give you the right support while walking but protects you from the common casualties like snakes, thorns and insects.  So, select a pair of shoes wisely.

Insulation: – The right insulation protects the feet from getting unprojected jerk, exertion and support while walking. Untimely sprain or pain can leave you injured for long and can leave you with a very unpleasant experience of hunting, especially if you really like pig hunting and fishing. Wearing shoes that contain insulation will allow you to hunt comfortably, even during summers.  



Choosing the right hunting gear

The essential hunting accessories include hats, gloves, arm sleeves and protective glasses. These might sound like common day accessories, but for hunting they are different. The hats the hunters use are strong and untearable, protecting them from extreme heat and sunlight. Along with that, the hunters wear glasses that are unbreakable and ensure durability. 

This anti-fog feature helps one in having a proper vision while hunting and assists one in hunting. While the gloves and arm-sleeves protect you from heat and skin tanning. 

Thus, these are some essentials of hunting. If you find something missing like boots, protective glasses, pig hunting shirts in Australia or would like to upgrade your hunting kit for your next adventure, then get in touch with Oz Fishing Shirts to fill up your wardrobe. 

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